Facebook Changes Affecting Wide Variety of Websites, Not Targeting Fake News At All

Facebook’s latest affront to the First Amendment has finally become official, as the social media platform debuted it’s new “false news” tagging feature.

The website, which acts much in the way that a public access broadcaster would, has been at the forefront of internet censorship for years due to the policies of liberal CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  Not only has Facebook employed a team of trending topic mitigators who were instructed to remove conservative posts from the entire algorithm of the site, the social media site has been instrumental in the spread of the leftists’ new crusade against so-called “fake news”.

As a scam concocted by the democrats after their disastrous result in the 2016 presidential election, labeling an opinion that harms your cause as “fake news” has been the new weapon of the left.  The moniker is, for some reason, being taken extremely serious in the mainstream media, which lends an unfortunate air of authority to what is truly a subjective opinion.  It’s the new Scarlet Letter for the Keith Olbermanns of the world to casually sew onto the dresses of the conservative media.

Unfortunately, as with most things that Facebook attempts on such a scale, this new feature is failing miserably.  Not only is it just another way for people to argue on social media, it appears that many websites that don’t even write news have experienced an abnormal lull in traffic in the wake of its installation.

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“The Facebook anguish continues. A Medium post investigating declining Facebook reach has set off the most recent alarm bells among publishers. Kurt Gessler, deputy editor for digital news at the Chicago Tribune, posted that since January, the Tribune has seen a significant drop in the reach of its posts on Facebook, despite having grown its fan base.

“The post sparked a sigh of validation across publishers as others chimed in on social media that they’re seeing similar declines.

Facebook’s news feed algorithm changes have been part of publishing reality for many years. But to Matt Karolian, director of audience engagement at The Boston Globe, ‘last month was probably the worst we’ve had in reach in about a year. The fact everyone else is seeing it is a little bit troubling.’”

Facebook has been bludgeoned with similar scrutiny for years, yet they still refuse to acknowledge or rectify the situation at hand.  Their entire platform is built on the freedom of expression, opinions, and speech by individual users.  They mustn’t manipulate reality in this way, merely to fulfill the political wishes of their billionaire owner.  Not only are they legitimately censoring the opinions of the right, they are shaping the malleable millennial minds who spend hours in front of their news feed, scrolling through sanitized actuality.


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