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Facebook Cans Christ! Censors Ad Due To Crucifixion Depiction

Thanks to the unending divisive dialogue of the democratic left, our nation is finding itself splitting in two along political lines.

The left, which has been radicalized by the election of Donald Trump, has turned to violence and anarchy in lieu of their regularly-scheduled temper tantrums that occur nightly on CNN and MSNBC.  Fascist entities such as anti-gun pundit David Hogg, and the riotous mobs of Antifa, have been working to curb the Constitution for weeks and months, respectively, defaming and delegitimizing anyone whose political leanings don’t line up perfectly with theirs.

It’s been an ugly ride.  In places like Berkeley, California, anarchic riots broke out when Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak to the conservatives on campus at UC Berkeley.  This sent ripple throughout the First Amendment, with a number of appearances by other republican figures being canceled, postponed, or relocated due to the threat of violence from the liberal left.

Even the religious right has come under attack by these lunatic leftists, who equate Christianity with conservatism in an overarching bit of stereotyping that would be considered discriminatory were the tables turned.

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Now, ultraliberal Facebook is getting in on the act, censoring an advertisement for a well-known Christian university due to the ad’s depiction of Jesus Christ.

Franciscan University posted a series of ads on Facebook Friday to promote some of its online theology programs, but it says one of them was rejected because it included the Crucifixion of Christ on the San Damiano Cross.

The Catholic university in Steubenville, Ohio sent out a tweet on Friday saying its ad was rejected for content that is “shocking, sensational, and excessively violent.”

“An ad we placed was rejected by Facebook today for content that is “shocking, sensational, and excessively violent,” said the tweet, which included a link to a blog post.”We must agree with them.”

In the blog post, the university acknowledges that Facebook is correct to say that the Crucifixion of Christ was “sensational and excessively violent,” but they castigated Facebook for rejecting the image.

Facebook has been notoriously strict when it comes to content that could be considered “conservative” in recent years, even going so far as to hire a team of engineers to remove right wing news stories from their “trending topics” section of the website.  That team has since been disbanded, but only because an algorithm was able to complete the task more efficiently and less expensively.

Now, the crucifixion of Christ, which can be seen in stone, glass, wood, plaster, or ink at any number of American houses of worship, has been deemed “excessive” by the almighty Mark Zuckerberg.  Obviously this move isn’t meant to protect children from the imagery, because that’s not what we do when it comes to the story of Jesus.

And, if it ins’t about the violence, there is really only one reason why this all-important event is being wiped from Facebook’s pages:  Facebook doesn’t want the Christian message spreading.

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