This Man Witnessed Islam’s Destruction of Great Britain and Says America Is Next

I have a close friend, Mark, who was born in Scotland and has lived in England since he was ten years old and he has shared with me how Muslims are steadily destroying his country.

Over twenty years ago, a large number of Muslims, many from Albania, began immigrating to England. Many of them stuck together, moving into the same cities, just like they are doing here in the US.

The Muslims claimed that they had no intention of changing English culture or laws. Yet, Mark told me that as their numbers grew in some of the cities, they wasted little time changing the culture of the communities and cities. They began by taking over a number of local businesses including grocery and clothing stores.

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As the number of Muslims increased in these communities and cities, the schools saw in increase in the number of Muslim students. Muslim parents pushed for changes in the schools, forcing them to cater to their kids.

The increased influx of Muslims also created a lot of tension in some of these communities and small cities, forcing non-Muslims to move away. As this happened, the Muslims took over the local politics and began instituting sharia law over English law.

Protestant and Catholic churches saw huge drops in their parishioners. Any local churches ended up closing their doors. Muslims bought the abandoned churches and turned them into mosques, hotels and Islamic based shops.

After taking over entire communities and cities, Muslims began electing Muslims to seats in Parliament where they are pushing hard to implement Sharia-based laws upon the entire nation.

Mark told me that Islam is destroying his country and warned me that Barack Obama’s open door policy of allowing hundreds of thousands Muslims into the US will result in the destruction of America, just like they are doing in Great Britain.

Here in America, we are already following what has been happening in Great Britain. We are told that Muslims just want to live the American dream and have no intention of changing America, just they told the British people.

Muslims have already taken over Dearborn, Michigan. They control city government and schools. While Christian students are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors, Muslim students are allowed to hold a girls-only prom because of their faith.

When Christians tried to witness on the streets outside the annual Muslim festival, they were assaulted by Muslims and arrested by the local police.

While Muslims claim that they don’t want to change American law, they are. Some are already trying to push aspects of sharia law in local and state governments. One judge in Pennsylvania ignored the evidence in a case of assault and ended releasing the criminal and chastising the victim. The victim dressed up as a zombie Muhammad for Halloween and was assaulted by a Muslim man. Despite eyewitness testimony, including a video, the judge let the Muslim man walk away and read a riot act against the victim for insulting Muhammad.

Face it, anywhere in the world where Muslims live in number, they change the landscape, culture and way of life. What started happening in England over 20 years ago is happening now in America and it looks like it will continue until America becomes a Muslim nation, unless something is done to prevent it from happening. Perhaps Donald Trump is right about restricting the admittance of Muslims to the US?

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