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Exxon Mobil Skates as Leftists Fail to Prove Man-Made Climate Change

When it comes to myths told by the liberal left, none is more expansive and globally sinister than the concept of climate change.

Once called “global warming”, climate change is the idea that humanity’s use of fossil fuels has created a carbon-based emergency in the atmosphere.  This excess of the essential element causes our planet to rapidly heat up.  If the heating continues unabated, the theory is that the ice caps at the ends of the earth will melt, making for an unsustainable habitat on this planet.

The only problem is, science seems to be split as to whether or not this is actually the case.  As recently as the 1980’s, mainstream science was convinced that an ice age was coming…but for exactly the same reason that they believe global warming is coming now.

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Now, a high profile court case involving Exxon Mobile raises even more doubts about the theory.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday targeting ExxonMobil on the basis that two California cities waging a legal battle could not prove the energy company was responsible for climate change in the state.

District Judge William Alsup wrote that San Francisco and Oakland failed to prove that global warming would be substantially curtailed if the oil company did not operate inside California. His decision follows a ruling the judge made in June dismissing both cases on the grounds that Congress, not the court system, is responsible for addressing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

“It is manifest that global warming would have continued in the absence of all California-related activities of defendants,” Alsup wrote in his July 27 decision. “Plaintiffs have therefore failed to adequately link each defendants’ alleged California activities to plaintiffs’ harm.”

The insinuation is, of course, that if the earth is warming, it is not because of our greenhouse gasses.  Instead, we are simply seeing a cycle of the planet’s beyond ancient life.

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