Extremely Vulgar Anti-Trump Flyer Delivered to Residents in Testy GA Election

In the great state of Georgia, a fiery runoff election is occurring between republican Karen Handel and democratic youngest Jon Ossoff.

While the world has long been subjected to dirty, mudslinging politics, the latest round of American elections have far surpassed the usual ugliness.  The country is more divided than ever, thanks to the ridiculous rhetoric of liberal New Fascists who continue to decry any and every motion made by the President and his republican party.  “Black bloc” tactics, the suspension of free speech on college campuses, and a massive investment in derogatory imagery has become the new cornerstone on which the democrats are attempting to rebuild their party after the humiliation suffered at the hands of Hillary Clinton.

Now, this lowbrow, fecal-slinging attitude has trickled its way down to state congressional races, with one of the most disturbing anti-Trump, anti-republican flyers that America has ever seen.

“Neighbors in one Fulton County subdivision were upset to discover graphic fliers left on their driveways Sunday morning.

“The handouts read, ‘Vote for Karen Handel!’ and depicted the 6th District Congressional candidate performing a sex act on President Donald Trump.  The fliers were enclosed in plastic bags and included rocks to weigh them down.

“‘The flier is vile and has no place in a civil society — and certainly not being dropped in people’s driveways,’ said Kate Constantini, spokeswoman for the Handel campaign. ‘This is clearly an attack on the woman in this race, using ugly, repugnant images and messaging.’

“Many were upset that someone would distribute something so graphic in a neighborhood full of children.”

Thankfully, the nonsense surrounding this particular election should end on June 20th, when the final round of voting for the runoff occurs.

The Jon Ossoff campaign has denied responsibility for the flyer, but the damage to the democrats’ reputation may already have been done.  The sheer, absurd vulgarity of the circulation, which is far, far too obscene to be republished on our site, proves once again that democrats are willing to stoop to unheard of levels in order to childishly disparage their opponents.


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