Extreme Vetting Begins with Tourists and Immigrants Now Required To…

During the election of 2016, Americans learned something peculiar about their nation.  Namely, that half of the country seemed to be totally fine with unfettered immigration into America.

This was readily apparent thanks to the cries of “racism” coming from the left when Donald Trump suggested that not everyone crossing over the southern border were upstanding, model citizens.  When the eventual President told us the truth, the left recoiled in horror.  These illegal immigrants, who had committed a crime in illegally crossing the border, were, in fact criminals by their travel alone.  How could the President be anything but honest about this?

And, of course, there are a number of way worse hombres pouring into America as well.  The world’s most notorious gang, MS-13 is practically waltzing back and forth between America and the southern desert, and the Mexican drug cartels are now stashing weapons and drug in rural Texas on the regular.

This doesn’t even address the reality of radical Islamic extremists entering the United States on the daily – something that the President has been hoping to curb through the use of an “extreme vetting” program.

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This week, at least one portion of the Commander in Chief’s high level background checks will come into play, as tourists and immigrants will now be required to submit to a social media background check.

The State Department will publish new rules this week that would require most visitors and immigrants to the U.S. to turn over their recent social media histories, carrying out one of President Trump’s key security enhancements from his extreme vetting executive order.

Travelers would also be asked to list previous phone numbers, email addresses and international travel during the previous five years, and to detail any immigration problems they’ve had, whether with the U.S. or elsewhere. They’ll also be asked about potential family connections to terrorism.

Also included in the executive order was a humanitarian effort that one can only imagine came from the efforts of First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

And in a striking human rights move, would-be immigrants from countries where female genital mutilation is prevalent would be directed to a website ensuring they’re aware the practice — common in some African countries — is illegal in the U.S.

The social media vetting may seem a bit extreme, but we mustn’t forget what a powerful tool the internet has become for radicals of all sort.

ISIS and other caliphate organizations have long been keen on the power of Twitter and the world wide web in their recruiting process, having forced the realtime thought-sharing platform to spend countless resources on curbing such use.

Furthermore, American left-wing terrorist James T. Hodgkinson was a member of several liberal hate groups on Facebook before attempting to murder a number of republicans during a charity baseball practice.  One such group was even called “Terminate The Republican Party” – a sentiment that Hodgkinson certainly took literally.

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