Explosions Reported in Belgium Train Station As Terror Fear Grips Europe

The European Union has been toying with the safety of the continent for far too long, and now, an explosion in a Belgian railway station has the country on edge.

The Belgian railway station was the site of at least one explosion this afternoon before police were able to intervene, shooting and apprehending a suspect that was said to be wearing a possible suicide vest.  While the liberal media has yet to identify the attacker as a possible radical Islamic terrorist, witnesses report that the man was shouting Muslim epithets as he surveyed the station and threatened civilians.

“Reports claim that there have been explosions at the main railway station in Brussels and that police have ordered people to evacuate the building.

“Witnesses now say that the man shot by authorities at the station yelled ‘Allah u Ackbar’ before being subdued.

“UKIP MEP David Coburn, who was in the vicinity of the railway station as the incident took place, said he saw people running away ‘with look of terror on their faces.’

“News agency Reuters claim that an attacker has been shot by the police and is thought to have been wearing a suicide belt explosive device.”

Europe has been targeted and attacked by a great number of jihadist operatives in recent months, due in part to the ease at which radical Islamists can enter EU member nations.

The European Union has mandated quotas in place for member nations in terms of the amount of migrants they are being required to relocate within their borders, due to the Syrian refugee crisis.  Due to the sheer amount being asked of these nations, security measures that would normally prevent radicalized threats from entering Europe have been dulled or discontinued, leading to an unfathomable crisis of Islamic extremism permeating the continent.

Rail traffic to and from the main railway station is suspended, pending further investigation by authorities.


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