exploding smartphone

An Exploding Smartphone? Obama Slips and Suggests Obamacare Be Repealed!

The president accidentally compared Obamacare to Samsung’s exploding smartphone.

President Obama went off script and compared Obamacare to an exploding smartphone, suggesting inadvertently that it should be taken off the market.

In the video below, you not only see his gaffe, but you get some great commentary explaining why the Left’s defense of Obamacare is absurd.

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Hopefully, Obamacare will have the same effect on the Democrats in the election that the exploding smartphone had on the car in the footage above. It ought to burn their chances of winning.

The mainstream media is still underreporting the story but they seem to be shocked at the scope of the failure. Here’s a local Nashville story from two days ago:

Open enrollment for Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, begins today. Problems with the law mean consumers could face significant rate hikes in some parts of the country. There will also be fewer health plans to choose from.

Starting today, the administration will make a major enrollment push — but that may be a tough sell in states like Tennessee, which has seen premiums spike more than 50 percent, reports CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan.

The news story, of course, gives “equal time” to the regime. And the regime offers a lame defense.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell argues that the problems are fixable.

She points to Obamacare’s successes: 20 million people have health insurance today who didn’t before the law was passed. The uninsured rate is now the lowest ever.

Right. People are paying more for crap with such high deductibles that they can’t actually use it.

To improve the market — and lure back insurers — the administration hopes to enroll nearly 14 million more people. They’re aggressively targeting millennials.

There’s a limit to how you can manipulate people with advertising. A low-quality, highly expensive product is not going to find many customers. It will especially fail when those customers know that the only reason for the high price is to subsidize other people.

Obamacare is turning into a crash course in free market economics.

Meanwhile, it is not done imploding. Anthem is now talking about pulling out of the marketplace. Here’s an excerpt from Bloomberg’s story:

“If we do not see clear evidence of an improving environment and a path towards sustainability in the marketplace, we will likely modify our strategy in 2018,” Anthem Chief Executive Officer Joseph Swedish said on a call Wednesday discussing third-quarter results. “Clearly, 2017 is a critical year as we continue to assess the long-term viability of our exchange footprint.”

Anthem expects to post a narrow profit margin next year in exchanges created under the ACA, following losses that Swedish called “disappointing.” Profitability will improve thanks to plan changes and premium increases averaging more than 20 percent, but Anthem said it will take more than that to stabilize markets that have so far drawn about half the membership it was planning for. The company called for eliminating a tax on health insurers, as well as changes to regulations that govern how plans are sold and administered.

So even with rates skyrocketing, an insurer is raising doubts before the election.

I say: burn, baby, burn!


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