Does This Explain the E.U. Migrant Crisis?

The E.U. migrant crisis was the result of elites making it easy for hordes of young, single men to flood the continent. Why did they do it?

The popular theory is that the E.U. is run by “liberals” who feel obligated to take care of refugees from the Middle East. Liberalism and “white guilt” does seem to explain why many go along with the plan. But what if leaders like Angela Merkel really do have a reason for wanting a host of single, unattached adult males in Europe? Instead of assuming these people are incompetent and stupid, maybe we should speculate that they have objectives and that current policies are aimed at reaching those objectives.

So why would European elites want to wreak this on Europe?

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Try out this theory: The E.U. elites want lots of foreign, single young men, with no loyalty to any one European country, because they want soldiers to create an E.U. army. You’ll notice in the above video that Donald Trump points out that most of the “refugees” are strong men who look like they could form “a prime time army.”

The U.K. Express reports,

In a document titled ‘EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy’, Europe’s chief diplomat said the Brussels bloc must be able to “repel, to respond and to protect”.

The warning of a European army was at the core of the Brexit campaign and became a hot topic with both sides trading blows over the truth of claims Brussels wanted to create a NATO-style organisation.

But while the latest EU policy document calls for joint working on matters of defence, it stops short of explicitly calling for the creation of an EU army, which would require treaty change.

The paper states: “We, as Europeans, need to take on a greater responsibility for our own security.

“We need to be ready and able to repel, respond and to protect ourselves against aggression, provocations and destabilisation.”

Destabilization points to this army being used on internal “threats.” A multitude of violent, unattached males would be perfect for use in any European nation. No feelings of patriotism would keep them from assaulting “fellow countrymen.”

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