Experts Warn That ISIS Could Weaponize Bubonic Plague To Wipe Out Cities

As if the chaos being employed by groups such as ISIS weren’t horrific enough, the terror group could be looking for bring an ancient contagion back to life.

In Europe, radical Islamic terrorists have exploited the foolish forgiveness of the EU’s refugee quotas to spread their secret jihadist army throughout the continent.  In recent years their tactics have evolved, from the ever-present use of suicide bombings, to ISIS’ newfound penchant for ramming vehicles into crowded city streets.  Given the widespread destruction carried out on the continent, many have likened the rise of ISIS in Europe to that of a “plague”, at least semantically.

Now, however, those words could become truer than ever imagined.

“The plague killed a third of Europe’s population in the Middle Ages – but scientist and governments fear it could return.

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“It comes after research papers were found hidden at Mosul University after the fall of ISIS detailing experimentation using chemical weapons on human beings.

“No evidence has been found so far of an advanced biological weapons programme.

“But with ISIS imploding in Iraq and Syria it is feared the death cult could step-up any clandestine development and wreak revenge on the West.

“World Health Organisation researchers estimated releasing a 50 kg aerosol cloud of plague bacteria over a city the size of London and its surrounding areas could cause at least 300,000 to become infected with 72,000 perishing from the nightmarish disease.”

As the war on terror advances into the future with drones, spy satellites, and incredible new weaponry, it seems that ISIS will look to the Dark Ages for their own inspiration.

The use of biological weapons is hardly new to radical Islamic terror groups.  Shortly after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, several packages laced with weaponized anthrax were delivered to major media corporations and the offices of several prominent congressional leaders.  In total, 5 perished due to exposure to the bacterial agent, with 17 more being hospitalized with symptoms stemming from the attacks.

The Bubonic Plague, however, would create a far more serious threat given its ability to spread and contaminate entire cities in a matter of days.

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