Civil War

More Experts Warn of Civil War Should Trump Be Ousted

The contentious election of 2016 is over, whether or not the defeated democrats are willing to admit that fact or not.

As soon as Hillary Clinton was finally convinced to concede to Donald Trump, some twelve hours after being soundly defeated, the left began a new campaign of defamation against The Donald.  They then attempted, in farcical fashion, to come up with new and insane ways to upend the entire democratic process, somehow clinging to the idea that they could still intervene before Trump was sworn in as Commander in Chief.

Inauguration Day came and passed, and we were introduced to President Donald J. Trump.  Still, the left refused go go quietly into the night with any semblance of dignity.  Days prior to Trump’s inauguration, whispers and murmurs regarding impeachment had already begun to spread about Washington, like a slowly congealing puddle of filth in the marble halls of government.  Now, months later, we are still being assaulted by liberal anarchists’ ridiculous plans to end the presidency of number 45 early.

One expert, however, believes that success in that arena could lead to something much worse altogether.

“Economist Martin Armstrong warns that the political class are risking ‘civil war’ in America if they push forward with an effort to overthrow President Donald Trump.

“Armstrong is known for successfully predicting the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse.

Writing of a ‘very REAL plot to overthrow Trump led by the political establishment and aided by the mainstream press,’ Armstrong says the elite has miscalculated in thinking the rise of populism is over because of Emmanuel Macron’s victory ‘so it’s time to get rid of Trump and it will all be OK again.’

“The move is ‘highly dangerous’ and risks a “move toward civil war,” he adds, noting, “Our model also warns that that United States can break up as a result of this by 2032-2040.’”

It has long stood to reason that liberal New Fascists were preparing for a massive spell of civil unrest meant to equate the Trump presidency with chaos, as evidenced by their ambitious “black bloc” tactics and push to maim the First Amendment.  With their terroristic riots in Berkeley, California in February, and their continually evolving threats toward the Commander in Chief, it would come as little surprise should the left’s end game be revealed to include civil war.

Especially concerning in recent weeks are the calls for Hillary Clinton to step up her role as leader of the so-called “resistance” movement against President Trump.  The obviously-ill and dejected democrat has been limiting her public appearances in recent months, possibly in conjunction with the worsening of her mystery illness or her outright depression.

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