Expert Guest on News Show Interrupted by Hilarious (and Cute) Kids

I have a recurring nightmare where i’m giving a live interview on the radio or TV and talking about a serious political issue when one of my kids rushes into my office while yelling and interrupting my interview. It’s a serious concern because I give a fair amount of interviews and I am usually working out of my home office when they happen. Thankfully, my children have never once done this and so they’ve saved me the embarrassment that the man in this video must be feeling this morning.

A guest expert was appearing on BBC News early Friday morning just as news was breaking that South Korea’s President had been removed from office. He was being asked about his thoughts on the transition of power and what might come next when… you guessed it… his kids come wandering, or toddling might be a better word, into his office and on to BBC News.

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Watch, laugh, share, and sympathize with the poor dad trying to make a living:

Onan Coca

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