The Evil Toilet Paper Companies

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I hear all the time about the evil drug companies. Why is it we never talk about all the other evil companies out there? Maybe it is because pharmaceuticals are an easy target.

I mean some people NEED their products to  sustain their lives and the cost is just too high. I mean I pay a whole $7 a month for my blood pressure pills — *GASP* — horror! Maybe it is because there are so many side effects to what they make. I mean, even though anytime we get a medication we are also given a folded up piece of paper with information obviously printed in order for ants to be able to read it that tells us EXACTLY what the side effects may be. The fact is many medications are super expensive. There are a whole host of reasons why. One of those is because they have to have a decent profit margin to cover legal expenses because even though we know taking “medication A or B” might make us grow eyebrows that look like Abe Vigoda’s, we take it so our tummies don’t hurt BUT then when we get tired of plucking, waxing and snipping those crazy stray hairs, there is an attorney ready to sue them for millions because when we blink it looks like two caterpillars are having a battle to the death above our eyelids. The other is that research is NOT cheap.

So let me put this in perspective for those who are going to talk about the rich CEOs, CFOs, COOs and any other big shot acronym you can think of. Pfizer CEO Ian Read reportedly makes about 23 million a year. Pfizer makes Advil, Chantix, Chapstick, Dimetapp, Viagra and a host of other drugs.  According to USA Today, the Department of Defense spent $41 million on Viagra in 2014. That means that the CEO got paid just from that one itty bitty blue pill. 

Pfizer alone reported Full-Year 2016 Revenues of $52.8 Billion. Now before your head explodes, Apple was about $51.5 billion. I am not certain, but I am pretty sure an iPad never kept anybody alive.

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Kimberly-Clark is the largest tissue product manufacturer in the world. In 2014 their profits doubled. Did the price of something you use to wipe your behind go down? Nope, it went up and all you did with it was wipe and flush. While it may have made you not smell funky, it did NOT sustain your life.

You don’t want to get me started on candy, toys, crayons and the insane amount of money we spend on things our kids WANT but don’t need, and we keep right on buying, even though some of them may actually be detrimental to their health and well being.

Oh and by the way, Pfizer has a prescription assistance program for those who can NOT afford their products. They will greatly reduce or GIVE you their product if you need it and can’t afford it. Somebody please let me know when Ford Motor Company does that. I sure could use an Edge  for hauling groceries and the kids around. I mean, we only have one vehicle and everybody knows you NEED at least 2.

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