Evidence Explains why Stupid People are Poor and Don’t Live Long

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There’s a lot of stupidity going around. Monalisa Perez is an aspiring YouTube star who develops videos with Pedro Ruiz III to boost web traffic to their channel. Pedro concocted the idea of shooting him with a .50 caliber pistol while he held an encyclopedia volume at his chest. He believed the hardback volume would stop the bullet. Pedro was killed. If Ruiz and Perez had any sense, they would have tried the experiment with an encyclopedia volume leaning against a tree or wall before trying it on Perez. If it didn’t work, he could have tried it on two volumes.

Perez told authorities that Ruiz thought the prank would work because he’d shot a different book and the bullet did not go all the way through. The couple often made prank videos and posted them on YouTube under the name La MonaLisa. In one of the videos, Perez tries to prank Ruiz with a sandwich filled with hot peppers, and in another, the couple detail their stay at a haunted hotel. The couple have a three-year-old child together, and another on the way. (USA Today)

Yes, different book, different paper, different result. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Hopefully, Pedro Ruiz IV will learn from his father’s very stupid mistake. As Bill Engvall would say, “Here’s your sign.” Very sad.

I suspect Ruiz (posthumously) and Perez will most likely be nominated for a Darwin Award.

Perez is been charged with manslaughter. Why? The act was consensual. Isn’t consent the new moral key to all behaviors? What they did was stupid, but was it criminal? Not by today’s moral (immoral) standards.

This just in: “Intelligent children tend to live longer than their less gifted peers, a new study suggests.” (NYT) I wonder why.

Let’s look at everyday stupidity that is causing economic turmoil and a growth in the welfare state.

Stupidity is not always instantly fatal. Why are many people poor? Because a large percentage of them make bad decisions. The thing of it is, you don’t have to be a genius to make good decisions…


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