More Evidence that Comey Colluded with Russia than that Trump Did

Oh. Snap.

GOP political strategist Alex Castellanos brought the truth during an appearance on Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Meet the Press. When the conversation inevitably turned to the debate about collusion with Russia, Castellanos reminded everyone at the table that there was more evidence that Comey colluded with the Russians than there was that Trump might have done so.

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Alex Castellanos: Well, I think so far there’s more evidence that James Comey colluded with the Russians than the Trump campaign. He’s the one who acted on… he’s the one who acted on what he knew to be fake Russian intelligence. I think this is going to be a big dust-up for the Trump administration, once again. And what does it do? It distracts from anything they try to accomplish. But as far as real evidence of any collusion on the campaign’s part, we have yet to see any.

George Stephanopolous: So what do they do about it?

Alex Castellanos: In their unique and inimitable style, nothing, chaos, there is no war room, as Jonathan Karl said. They take another beating. And this is — the Trump administration seems to run a very small family business, not a large U.S. government. And it makes it very difficult to deal with ordinarily what would be small political threats.

Castellanos doesn’t take the train of thought any further, but he could have. He could have argued that there was more evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. There was more evidence that John Podesta (and his brother Tony) colluded with Russia. There was more evidence that several high-ranking members of the DNC colluded with Russia. Castellanos could have also turned the table and focused the conversation on other European nations interfering in the election, with the help of our intelligence agencies. He could have talked of former CIA chief John Brennan colluding with Estonia and at least 7 other European intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump team in an effort to influence the election.

The point is not that any of these things happened, just that there is more EVIDENCE that all of these things happened than there is that President Trump may have colluded with the Russians (of which there is ZERO evidence).

Onan Coca

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