More Evidence That Hillary Clinton Killed the Wrong People in Libya

Recent information on Benghazi underscores that Hillary Clinton killed the wrong people in that country.

Among all the times that Clinton killed, the Libya destruction stands out as one of the bloodiest, though it probably pales in comparison to what she started in Syria. By successfully advocating for Libyan “regime change” Clinton added a massive amount to her body count.

Remember, even the New York Times admitted that Hillary Clinton created a foreign policy disaster in Libya, similar to her support for the Iraq invasion. Of course, the reason they told some bits of the truth was so that the story could be spun now as “old news.” That way, the mainstream media could dismiss new reports as not saying anything new. When you can’t cover up the truth, you try to defang it that way.

The new Republican report does reveal new things, and one of them is that the Obama Administration didn’t know who their friends in Libya were. According to NBC News,

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One section of the report seems to allege that U.S. officials fundamentally misunderstood who their allies were at the time.

The Republican majority’s report found that 35 Americans were saved not by a “quasi-governmental militia” as previous reports concluded, or even a group the U.S. saw as allies. Instead, the report determines that the Americans were saved by the “Libyan Military Intelligence,” a group composed of military officers under the Moammar Khaddafy regime, the Libyan dictator who the U.S. helped topple just one year earlier.

The February 17 Martyr Brigade, “recommended by the Libyan Government and contractually obligated to provide security to the Mission Compound,” had fled, the report found. “In other words, some of the very individuals the United States helped remove from power during the Libyan revolution were the only Libyans that came to the assistance of the United States on the night of the Benghazi attacks,” the report states.

So consider the facts: We bombed and killed Khaddafy’s forces. Yet when Americans were attacked these people felt obligated to help them. I can only assume that it didn’t matter who the victims were. The Libyans were committed to “the war on terror” and acted accordingly.

Hillary Clinton attacked the Libyan government (which was a terrible government by the standards of Western Democracy), claiming that the terrorists were freedom fighters. For all the regime’s problems, the remaining members of it showed real character.

They showed more integrity than Clinton ever has.

It is worth noting that, except for Rand Paul, the only Republican candidate who opposed the Hillary Clinton foreign policy was Donald Trump.

(Hat tip: Breitbart)

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