Everything Wrong With Last Night’s Oscars, According to We The People

The annual gathering of Hollywood’s “best and brightest” has once again been outed as a debauchery-laden affair aimed at marginalizing the nation’s conservative majority, and shaming those who find themselves outside of the liberal sphere of influence.

Yes, we are talking about The Oscars.  The Academy Awards.  The annual convention dedicated to Tinsel Town’s elite coming together to figuratively pleasure themselves in front of a not-so-willing audience of their peers.  This is a gathering all about the celebration of self, where disguising the act of patting yourself on the back has become sport.

The first time that Hollywood gathered to give each other the proverbial posterior smooches was all the way back in 1929, when filmed entertainment was still a privilege of the highfaluting, holier than thou types.  Hell, even the live-stage theater was out of reach for millions of Americans, who were about to ride their industrial revolution directly into a brick wall of economic desperation.

And what better analogue for the rise of Hollywood than the equal and opposite declines felt during the Great Depression and the tail end of Prohibition?  Hollywood’s 1% were on the rise, thanks to the burgeoning film industry, and well padded with cash and clout in the face of the coming financial storm.  What better signal to begin this tradition of Hollywood handshaking than to preempt the most heinous failure of the American Dream that was coming within weeks of the first Academy Awards.

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Average Americans would soon be eating trash from the streets, while Hollywood hunks and harlots were tossing away overcooked filet.

The tradition obviously continued throughout the ensuing 8 decades, having transformed itself mightily in presentation and substance, but holding steady to its preternatural exclusivity.

Today, The Oscars, as the Academy Awards are colloquially known, are attended by only the most prolific of Hollywood’s stars and starlets, with guests outside of Tinsel Town comprising almost exclusively of dignitaries from the world of politics.  This is the 1% as succinctly as the term can be defined, with the powers that be not often contained in such a tidy little package.

This political presence at the awards has not always been part of the schtick, but has become an overshadowing reality of modern Oscars, starting during this moment of the 2006 ceremony.

This is where George Clooney broke the Oscars.

Clooney had long been flirting with political diatribes in his off-camera persona, but this mold-breaking word vomit sounds equally well-rehearsed and hodge podge.  That’s no surprise, however.  We are talking about a man who makes a living by lying to cameras.

In the dozen years to follow, political speech after political speech peppered the broadcast, with a number of politically-savvy actors and actresses finding themselves controversially called to the stage to receive an award that they may not have, had it not been for their sure-to-come rantings.

This has marred the entire Academy’s public image to an obscene degree, and with good reason:  You have a room full of the ultra-wealthy and the “out of touch”, (Clooney’s words, not mine), and we are supposed to be so enamored that we even pay particular attention to the brand names that they are wearing.  That’s how important these people think that they are; they selflessly give you all one night per year where you can watch them dress up, walk, talk, and gawk from your middle-of-the-road life out in the heart of this great nation.

Make no mistake:  Hollywood doesn’t care about you, no matter how many times George Clooney claims that the Southern California dinosaurs of the film industry were “talking about AIDS” when others weren’t.  The American people have always been the first to experience pain and suffering – not Clooney and his champagne-swilling friends.

Now, in the age of President Donald Trump and the radical leftist “resistance” movement, the ceremony has taken on a dark, angry, hate-filled tone that is more politics than showbiz these days.  Just get a load of the material that 2018 host Jimmy Kimmel opened with.

“The late-night host quipped that Trump very much liked the first three quarters of Get Out.”

Oh, the old “Trump is a racist” bit.  Yawn.

“He also said the Oscar was so old, it was at home watching Fox News.”

Well, if you go by pure statistics, more people watch Fox News than any other cable news channel, making it a safe bet.

“Kimmel later worked in a joke about Hope Hicks quitting her position as communications director last week.

“‘Where there is light, there is always hope. Except at the White House. Hope quit on Wednesday,’ Kimmel said. “

All this from a show about giving golden statues to rich people who make-believe as a career.

The choice of Kimmel to host the Oscars was a bold one, but a predictable.  The late night host has spent much of the last two years incessantly attacking and delegitimizing President Trump, often through the exploitation of his young, sick son, and through the forced emotions of a B-rated actor.

We also have a new beast in Tinsel Town this year, known as the #MeToo movement.

#MeToo began as a Facebook and Twitter campaign by Women, (and some men), who had experience sexual abuse at one point in their lives.  The idea was that those affected would simply post “#MeToo”, or perhaps a brief synopsis of their experience in order to spread awareness of the sheer scope of the problem.

What the movement actually did, however, was alert America to the fact that a great many of Hollywood’s most liberal bigwigs and stars were nothing more than horrendously perverse monsters in need of a punishment one cannot condone legally in writing.

Harvey Weinstein, possibly the most powerful man in Hollywood, was right at the top of the list, with over ninety separate accusers, who say the producer raped, groped, solicited, or abused them in one way or another.

Of course, Hollywood and the democratic politic world were both completely rocked by allegations, while, not surprisingly, very few conservatives found themselves in the crosshairs, likely due to the traditional and chivalrous upbringings involved.

For annual red carpet correspondent Ryan Seacrest, his own horrific behavior made for an awkward and embarrassing night after, for some unknown reason, he was still commandeering a microphone at the ceremony.

“Seacrest had not done a great job, he had done an excruciating one. If you want to know how excruciating, compare the flood of celebrities talking to ABC, compared to the trickle that stopped to speak to him. E!’s red-carpet show stop-started along for three terrible, painfully slow hours.

“To find the Seacrest Oscars farrago painful isn’t to presume his guilt, it’s to question the wisdom of him and the networks that support him to put Seacrest squarely into public view when #MeToo and #TimesUp are the predominant cultural themes of the moment.

“Seacrest and his supporters set him up for an exercise of personal power and prestige, rather than humiliation, thinking the latter would not befall him. It did. That says a lot about a certain amount of ego and arrogance on the part of Team Seacrest, especially as they were implicitly defying the principles of #MeToo and #TimesUp, too.”

Given the sheer audacity of Hollywood to celebrate in the midst of this sexual repugnance, it comes as no surprise that Seacrest found himself among the mighty, continuing to plug away at whatever “job” he does.  What was the most telling, however, was how America reacted to the gloating and glee that Hollywood tried to tape over their gaping wounds.

“The telecast, nearly four hours long, stumbled 19 percent from the previous year to 26.5 million viewers. That’s easily the least-watched Oscars in history, trailing 2008 by more than 5 million.  Overnight returns had the lengthy ABC telecast averaging a 18.9 rating among households between 8 and 11 p.m. ET. Compared to the same stat for 2017, the night the wrong best picture winner was named, that was down a more modest 16 percent.

“The 2017 Academy Awards, which earned a 22.4 overnight rating, ultimately fetched 32.9 million viewers for ABC — as well as a handsome 9.1 rating among adults 18-49. Still, those numbers reflected the second-lowest in Academy history. (ABC did not immediately report the adults 18-49 rating for Sunday’s Oscars, and Nielsen won’t widely distribute that information until Tuesday.) “

This is a lesson that the left has refused to learn, even after all of these years:  The American people are in charge of what’s acceptable, and you will be punished for your sins.

How will Hollywood attempt to bounce back from such embarrassment?  Given the impatience and the petulance that runs rampant in the film industry, we’ll likely be bludgeoned with whatever plan they come up with in the next few weeks.

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