Everyone Agrees Trump has made the Media Crazy and their “Fake News” Proves It

Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer and CNBC’s Larry Kudlow seem to be in agreement about the state of our modern media. It’s getting downright insane out there, and it seems that President Trump is to “blame” for the media’s insanity.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Krauthammer explained to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the President has pushed the media “over the edge.”

There is a particular edge to the [Comey] coverage… but for God’s sake, it’s not a constitutional crisis. [It] has sort of sent people over the edge to the point where they think there really are no journalistic limits or journalistic restraints, elementary ones like don’t roll your eyes in the middle of an interview, ought to be observed.

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Kudlow went further and argued that the media had become so enraged that they’d taken to creating fake news in an effort to discredit Trump.

There’s so much conflation and confusion here. At no point has anyone said that this investigation — about Russia and the election — had anything to do with Donald Trump. Now, I’ve heard reporters say Trump is being investigated. They are wrong. 

No one has said that. So far as the

Watch the rest of the interview below; letter to Comey, Trump says several times I’m not being investigated. We don’t know exactly what is meant by that… No one has ever said… the original New York Times story… it might have been the 17th paragraph, they said Trump was not involved.

It was his people, Flynn, Paul Manafort, and so forth, but he has never been. There is no evidence he was ever involved…

You will get reporters — This really get my blood hot, they’re saying it’s an investigation of Trump and now he’s trying to cover it up by firing Comey. That is simply incorrect.

That is fake news, period.

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