Everyday Americans Thoughts on #BlackLivesMatter Might Surprise You!

Dan Joseph with MRC-TV interviewed some passersby in Washington, D.C. about how they viewed race relations in this country, and particularly their reaction to the group Black Lives Matter, following the mass shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead. White and black men and women were interviewed, and their responses may surprise you, especially the responses from those people of color.

Joseph asked one black man his reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement. “They have a positive message,” the man responded. “It’s just that sometimes we don’t go about doing things as we should.”

“We say, ‘Black lives matter,’” he continued. “But at the same time, we’re not educating our young blacks [to] keep them out of the situations that get them into that position with the police to get killed…”

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The man didn’t like BLM’s tactics, emphasizing instead the need for education: “More so educating the people than trying to demonstrate, march and everything like that. I just think we need to sit down and educate our people more.”

Joseph asked him, “If you were in a situation where you meet a cop, [and] the cop tells you to do something” – the man interrupted and finished the statement: “You should [comply] with it.”

“Do you think that message is getting to enough kids these days?” Joseph asked. “Uh, no. No, I don’t.”

When asked what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think if he were alive today, the man answered, “I think Martin Luther King would say we need to step back and go back to God’s way of doing things.”

Joseph interviewed another black man about race relations and the perception of racial biases in law enforcement. “I feel that some things may have gone over the line,” the man responded. “But we still need to respect the individuals who are law enforcement, because they have a difficult job to do.”

He added, “It’s escalated to the point that neither side is right. It’s rage – a feeling of disrespect from the African-American and Latino communities, and a feeling of over-policing sometimes.”

The reporter asked a white man about Black Lives Matter. He answered, “If black lives matter, we’d be talking about Chicago, [and] all the black lives that died there.”

One black woman explained that there’s been a drastic change in the youth today, compared to her generation. “Generations have changed, because my generation, if police pulled you over, you tell them what you’re going to do before you move; you say ‘yes, sir’; you might look down at the ground,” she said. “But next generation – they’re not going to do that.”


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