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Every Picture Tells A Story – Of The Fake News Media

Last week, the media seemed to be in pre-2016 election mode. They dropped any pretense of not just fair and balanced reporting, but reporting of any kind. They launched a full-scale political attack on the president and his supporters, a meme designed to induce hatred for their political opponents in the months preceding the upcoming elections, almost to the exclusion of any other news story.

The onslaught began with the “kids in cages” pictures, used to smear Trump. This was a top story until it was exposed as a fraud – the pictures were taken during the Obama administration. Every media outlet immediately issued a retraction and apology, and at this point dear reader if you’re not screaming “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” you’re not keeping up with current events.

The media offered no apology, no retraction. They dropped the story.

In years gone by, such a “mistake” would have been a huge story in itself, but in current times, it’s just another “Fake News Story of the Day” moment.

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The kids-in-cages lie was followed with another “mistake” – the picture of kids sleeping in caged areas with solar blankets. Again, exposed as a fraud. Again – Obama.

Still, these “mistakes” were just two, isolated incidents, a coincidence. But then . . . Time.

After the first two “mistakes” you would expect the media to vet a little more carefully, right?

WRONG! Because they are not mistakes at all.

The Time magazine cover presented not only a phony picture, but a phony story to go with it.

When the child’s father came forward with the real story – the child wasn’t separated, she was with her mother, a previously deported mom-of-the-year candidate who abandoned her husband and other children – Time found themselves mired in a real “mea culpa” moment. And they attempted to whitewash their journalistic sins with a trifling “Our cover and story capture the stakes of this moment.”

Many took umbrage with Time’s dismissal of their “mistake” but it was actually brutally honest. Their cover photo and story DO capture the stakes of the moment, a moment when Democrats and their media minions engage in an unconcealed propaganda campaign to attempt a non-military coup to remove the duly elected President of the United States.

Damn them for their treason. Damn them all to hell.

(Side note – we see you, Google. And we know you’re complicit in this, too.)

Do a search for CNN and you’ll see three thumbnail pics, plus articles from their site, all from today and all attacking the President. Same with Politico. Same with Salon. Newsweek, etc, etc.

But, Google Drudge Report and what do you see? Articles from other sites, not from the Drudge page, some as old as four days ago. All attacking the President and his followers.

(Just another mistake I guess.)

S.P. Palermo

Sonny Palermo is an editor, novelist, humorist and marketing director. His writing has appeared at Lucianne’s, David Horowitz’s News Reel Blog, American Thinker, I Hate the Media and the Daily Caller, as well as other popular websites and magazines. His favorite quote is "With Words I Enlist a Dark Army." (Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides) When asked to submit a short bio, he sent us this: I was born. Then a lot of other stuff happened. Currently I'm in Vegas, Sin City, where 50% of my time is spent in the confessional booth trying to explain (and seeking penance for) the other 50%.

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