More Than Ever Before, it’s Time to Stand on Principle

Indiana was the last bastion of hope for the Cruz campaign, but the voters allowed themselves to be duped by a foul-mouthed, narcissistic authoritarian. So, come November, voters will have a choice to make: Hillary Clinton, a known sociopath, criminal, and overall abominable human being, or Donald Trump (see Hillary Clinton description).

There is a third option, however. Neither candidate.

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I’ve never been excited to vote for a Republican. Ever since I began voting, it was always a lesser-of-two-evils situation in which I’d vote for the Republican because the Democrat was so much worse. This time around, I was truly energized. [score]Ted Cruz[/score]was the real deal; an off-the-charts brilliant constitutional conservative with a record to back it up.

This November, there will be no distinction between the Republican candidate and the Democratic one. They are, as [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Carly Fiorina often said, flip-sides of the same coin. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are deeply destructive forces; they’re simply destructive in different ways. It’s like comparing a tsunami to a hurricane. If elected president, both would do incredible harm to our republic.

This November, I will not vote for Donald Trump, nor will I vote for Hillary Clinton. However, I’ll go to the polls to cast my vote for congressional, and local candidates. While I’m there, I will write in [score]Ted Cruz[/score].

I used to be strongly against the idea of writing in a candidate, but things have changed dramatically since I formed that belief. At this juncture in our republic, I think the #NeverTrump movement is actually more important than it’s ever been. It’s time to stand on principle.

By writing in the candidate who shares your beliefs rather than simply staying home, we can send a powerful message to Washington, to the media, and to those who supported Trump.

We will not be stifled. We will not be overcome. We will not allow a man who received approximately 40 percent of the vote to tell the other 60 percent of us that our votes didn’t matter.

To slightly misquote Ben Shapiro, we cannot continue to vote for the “lesser-of-two-evils” simply because they have an “R” next to their name. We must stand on principle before we have nothing left on which to stand.

Our intrinsic rights cannot be taken away, but they can be given away. To vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be the first in a series of transactions in which we voluntarily hand over our unalienable rights to the gluttonous leviathan that is our federal government.

I cannot, and will not do that.

Never Trump. Never Hillary. Only Liberty.

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