Was There Ever Any Hack of Election?

It is important to listen closely and recall definitions when dealing with certain people. Certain people will use words that they know will fool the casual listener. They will say something that they know you will misunderstand. For instance, when we talk about hacking or someone being hacked, we think about a person remotely obtaining information without permission from another’s computer.

So, in the instance of the 2016 Presidential Election, there is this idea that computers were hacked and then the obtained information was then given or sold to WikiLeaks. But, this is somewhat of a misnomer. But, this is something that the president is seeking to use to cast Trump and his future administration in a bad light.

The Washington Times reports

The White House has grown increasingly hostile to Mr. Trump and his team for rejecting the administration’s argument that Russia hacked into Democratic campaign emails and tried to help defeat Hillary Clinton. The Trump team has called on the White House to tone down its rhetoric for the good of the nation.

Mr. Obama said the issue “gets caught up in the carryover from election season.” But he said he will still insist on a smooth transition to help Mr. Trump’s team take over power.

But this is entirely contrary to the way that Assange from WikiLeaks has said the emails were obtained. He has reported that the emails were obtained from a leak and not a hack. He has also stated that the Russians had nothing to do with the leak.

The Left is terrified at what Trump has claimed to want to do, and it seems they will stop at nothing to undermine the election results.

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