Even Ultraliberal California Can’t Stand Antifa’s Antics Any Longer

The radical left has turned into an extreme manifestation of neo-fascism in recent months, and a growing number of Americans are fed up about it.

In the wake of Donald Trump electoral evisceration of Hillary Clinton in 2016, democrats and their progressive cohorts threw a temper tantrum the likes of which had never before been seen in American politics.  Their “inevitable” President Clinton was never going to be a reality, thanks to her overwhelming and undeniable criminality, and this had enraged the liberal masses.

They turned their anger not on the DNC, who so foolishly colluded with Clinton to oust challenger Bernie Sanders, but rather at their fellow countrymen.  Now, supporters of President Trump became the enemy, no matter the common thread of U.S. citizenship shared between the warring factions.

This gave rise to the “resistance”; a loose knit idea that all democrats, leftists, and liberals would be opposed to Donald Trump’s actions in every possible scenario, no matter the context.  It was a silly, unAmerican idea, but that’s what the left does best.

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When the nation began to laugh in the faces of these “resistance” hi jinx, a number of liberal lunatics decided that it was time to up the ante on their dissent against the President, employing violence and censorship to accomplish their goal of nullifying the beliefs of over half of the nation.  The “resistance” became “antifa”, and protests turned to riots.

Now, as Antifa continues to reign terror down upon the nation, a great many Americans are looking to classify the organization as a hate group, a domestic terror cabal, or a street gang.  Their antics have grown so frustratingly unacceptable that even the liberal stronghold of California is showing signs of fatigue when it comes to these hooligans.

“Not long after dozens of black-hooded protesters were filmed pummeling people on his city’s streets, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin made clear his disgust for the self-stylized vigilantes.

“’Antifa,’ he said, is no different than a street gang, and police should start treating protesters in the anti-fascist movement accordingly.

“Later that day, legislators in Sacramento advanced resolutions that would treat violent acts committed by antifa movement’s enemies — white nationalists and neo-Nazis — as terrorist acts under state law.

“As forces on the extremes of the nation’s ever-widening political divide continue to battle with fists and weapons on the streets of California, law enforcement officials and politicians have started debating whether these extremist groups should be classified as street gangs.

“Law enforcement experts say the groups that have been warring in the Bay Area for months — which include anti-fascists and those using ‘black bloc’ militant tactics, far-right organizations such as the Proud Boys and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, and white nationalist groups such as Identity Evropa — certainly share similarities with a street gang.

“’It is gang behavior with some ideology. But it is also a social entity as well as a political one,’ said Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.”

Antifa’s name is also a matter of deceit.

While the group’s moniker is a shortened version of “anti-fascist”, they are anything but.  By employing violence to censor and vilify the conservative political viewpoints that most Americans maintain, the group itself has entirely embraced literal fascism.  Their horrific actions are often softened by the mainstream media to allow for their preposterous “antifa” callsign to stick, but we must make no mistake about their true, discriminatory intentions.


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