Even Thanksgiving Can’t Stop Pathetic Protests By Pigskin Punks

Americans have been wholly unsatisfied with the NFL’s response to their overpaid players’ misguided protests during the National Anthem.

While a great many Americans do not wish to trivialize the pursuit of the original protest, it is the timing and the sensationalism that is being objected to en masse.  These incredibly fortunate Americans, who are paid exorbitant sums of money for playing a children’s game, are trampling on one of the greatest symbols of American freedom in their anger, purposefully to get a rise out of the citizenry who used to watch them religiously on Sundays, (and Mondays and Thursdays now, too).

The NFL as a whole hasn’t had the cojones to touch the subject, with Commissioner Roger Goodell currently embroiled deeply in the scandal due to his overall lack of enthusiasm for dealing with the complaints of his customers.  A majority of team owners are afraid of upsetting their players by requiring specific behavior, ceding the National Anthem protests to these attention-mongering “social justice” junkies.

One would think that the uproar of the last 12 weeks, combined with the wholesome message of Thanksgiving, might have given us some reprieve from the longstanding stunt.  Well, that just wasn’t the case yesterday.

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“You didn’t think we’d get through Thanksgiving with no anthem protests did you? If you did, you quite possibly haven’t been watching a lot of football this year.

“Which, given the NFL’s enormous and unprecedented ratings and attendance decline, means you have a lot of company.

“During the anthem prior to the Redskins tilt against the Giants, New York defensive lineman Olivier Vernon took a knee…”

The outrage was summed up nicely on Twitter, where users lamented not only the timing of the protest on a holiday in which these players could be thankful for their position in society, but while the anthem itself was being sung by a Master Sergeant.

Perhaps after a year of failed revenue goals and empty bleachers, the NFL can wise up before the 2018 season begins 40 weeks from now.  If now, watch for a resurgence in interest in Major League Soccer, the National Hockey League, or anything else.

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