Even NeverTrump Conservatives Give Trump an A+ on 2017 Agenda

You have to give Rich Lowry and the National Review credit, they’ve been #NeverTrump since long before President Trump won the White House. Sadly, for the most part that has to be where the credit ends.

While I can understand their reticence at supporting candidate Trump, once he won the White House they should have been among the first in line to offer him their support and counsel.

Instead, they’ve consistently remained #NeverTrump even as move past the first year of his presidency.

On Monday, Lowry, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the National Review admitted something that should upset most of his conservative readership.

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During a conversation on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Lowry admitted that the President likely deserved an A+ from conservatives for what he’d accomplished in his first year political agenda.

“It’s been an utterly conventional Republican agenda, with some exceptions. On some things like energy, deregulation, judges, we really have seen an A+ agenda,” Lowry admitted. Joe Scarborough quickly followed up in an effort to clarify that Lowry wasn’t saying the presidency had been an A+ presidency thus far, but that Trump’s political agenda “ideologically for conservatives, this is what conservatives have wanted when it came to tax policy, regulatory policy, and judges and those are basically the top 3 issues anyway.”

Here’s fuller context:

The two men and the rest of the MSNBC panel spent the rest of the conversation beating up on Trump’s personality and his penchant for tweeting, but in my view the damage was already done. Two “conservative” (and Lowry truly is conservative but Scarborough is anything but) NeverTrumpers just admitted that President Trump had done exactly what a conservative Republican President should do on tax policy, regulatory police, energy policy, and on nominating good conservative judges.

So why are these men still NeverTrump?

Because he Tweets too much? Because his personality is “rough around the edges”? Because he doesn’t act the way they would like him to?

One has to wonder if Lowry and Scarborough would prefer a President that they disagree on policy with, as long as he was acting the way they wanted him to.

2017 was the best (political agenda-wise) year that any Republican President has had since Ronald Reagan was President. Yes, we lost the fight to kill Obamacare, though we did kill the individual mandate which should spell an end to Obamacare, but we succeeded in cutting taxes, destroying economy killing regulations, restoring consumer and business confidence, and stabilizing a world that had been on fire for much of Obama’s second term.

Lowry is right, Trump deserves an A+ for 2017, and that should make the conservative thought leader reconsider his continued NeverTrump stance.

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