Ajit Pai

Even MORE Death Threats Aimed at Trump Administration, This Time…

With an incredible heatwave sweeping the nation this week, the brave men and women of the Secret Service will be sweating bullets.

And while the heat is certainly part of the reason for this predicament, there is a darker, more sinister reason that our nation’s most polished authorities will be perspiring persistently:  The radical left.

It has become rather apparent over the course of the past few years that one of the most dire threats that we face as a nation is the unholy, cavernous divide across the political aisle.  Today’s left wing is more fervent and ferocious than before, but has been unable to properly harness that energy.  Instead of steaming forward with a renewed plan for the DNC, the democratic party has instead been flailing about madly anytime anyone with a camera is nearby.

They are having on-air conniption fits at the mere mention of “immigration” or, even more severely when Donald Trump’s name is uttered.

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This unhinging has trickled down into the society that these progressives occupy, (no pun intended), and has manifested itself in anger, violence, discrimination, and undeniable hatred.  Now, with politicians and celebrities openly calling for violence in the streets, a number of republican officials have been targeted, including Sarah Sanders and Kristjen Nielsen.

Today, we can add Ajit Pai to that list.

California law enforcement officials arrested a 33-year-old man on Friday and charged him with threatening to murder Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s family “for Pai’s role in repealing regulations relating to net neutrality,” the Department of Justice said in a statement.

Court documents showed that Markara Man, of Norwalk, allegedly sent three threatening emails to Pai in mid-December. The DOJ reports:

The first email accused Chairman Pai of being responsible for a child who allegedly had committed suicide because of the repeal of net neutrality regulations. The second email listed three locations in or around Arlington, and threatened to kill the Chairman’s family members. The third email had no message in its body, but included an image depicting Chairman Pai and, in the foreground and slightly out of focus, a framed photograph of Chairman Pai and his family.

The left may be watching a few too many B-grade gangster movies.

Pai, who was at the crux of the controversial decision to allow Net Neutrality to expire, has been widely lambasted by the liberal left for his decision, but the nature of this incident is unprecedented.

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