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Even Michael Moore Realizes That The Democratic Party is Dead

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In the era of President Donald Trump, the radical left, and Hillary Clinton, the democratic party will be lucky to survive another decade.

At the end of the 2016 presidential election, it became painfully obvious to even the most ardent liberals, that the democrats were heading for extinction.  They ran a career criminal with more baggage than Delta on a Sunday afternoon against a Washington outsider looking to shake up the entire system and lost.  Badly.

Shortly after, it was revealed through leaked emails that the Clinton campaign had colluded with the DNC to stifle and negate any efforts by Bernie Sanders to become the democratic nominee and face Donald Trump, even though Sanders was polling far better than Clinton was against the business magnate.  Bernie’s supporters, who made up a great percentage of the entire democratic voter base at this point in the election, completely abandoned Clinton on the grounds of this continued corruption.

Now, as the democrats look to move on into the future, the DNC is taking staggering losses in the finance department, as liberals and leftists are abandoning the party in droves.  Staunch leftists Michael Moore has even been forced to admit that the democratic party is no match for the republicans in this modern political era.

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“Liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore slammed the Democratic Party as leaderless and rudderless Wednesday following the party’s special election loss in Georgia this week.

“Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday’s special election runoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to replace former GOP Rep. Tom Price, who is now secretary of health and human services.

“Moore took aim at the party’s leadership following the loss, arguing that they have ‘no message, no plan, no leaders.’

“He said that people who think the Democrats can regain seats in next year’s midterm election need to ‘get a friggin’ clue’ because the party ‘has NO idea how [to] win.’

“Moore also said that the Democratic Party’s leadership ‘hate the resistance,’ a term activists opposed to Trump use to describe their protest efforts.”

To further complicate the future for the diabolical democrats, they have given rise to an ugly and pervasive piece of the current political landscape:  The radical leftist terror besieging our great nation.

The “resistance” that Michael Moore has been ranting about is code speak on the left for anyone willing to oppose Donald Trump and republicans at every turn, no matter the consequences or the circumstances.  As this loose-knit “movement” has grown violent in recent months, the democrats and their leftist operatives are squarely to blame for the radicalization of Americans such as James T. Hodgkinson who opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball practice last week in an attempt to assassinate as many conservative legislators as possible.  This purely sinister turn of events has further pushed the democratic party into ruin, leading to some of the most underwhelming fundraising for the DNC in over a decade.


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