Even when he Loses, Trump Wins

On Saturday’s episode of the Greg Gutfeld Show the eponymous host delivered a monologue centering on the President’s ability to carve a win out of an assured loss. The example Gutfeld gave was of President Trump’s “wiretapping” claims, that at first seemed beyond belief but upon further examination have become at least half-true.

“Maybe Trump wasn’t totally wrong after all. Maybe he was just half wrong, which makes him half right– which among politicians makes him a genius…

This doesn’t vindicate Trump, but it does not not vindicate him. He may have been wrong specifically but generally speaking, what happened is enough smoke to maybe look like fire. And for Trump, that’s a win! It’s funny, even when he’s losing he ends up winning because the nuttiness of his enemies makes him right by comparison.”

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Gutfeld also touches on the fact that if this kind of thing had happened to the Obama administration the media would have been apoplectic. When the DNC’s emails were being leaked by WikiLeaks the media didn’t care about what could be found on the leaks, they focused breathlessly on “HOW” the leaks might have happened. (Which is when the Democrats became so angry about Russia’s machinations.) Yet, as the leaks have been pouring out of the government since President Trump took office, the media has pivoted from asking “HOW” to focusing on the content of the leaks. (Which is why General Michael Flynn was fired after only a few days on the job.) While the Russia investigation is important, so to is the investigation into where these leaks are coming from, and why the leaks are happening. And the truth of the matter is, if the Trump team did not collude with Russia to win the election then the Russia story is unimportant, but the leak story is of utmost importance no matter which direction it takes.

The only possible explanation for why these leaks are occurring is political. The leaks don’t help the Russians. The leaks don’t help the Trump administration. The leaks don’t help any of our foreign enemies or allies. No, the only people the leaks serve are the people in the Democrat Party. This series of crimes is overtly political and the truth must be discovered.

As panel member Jonah Goldberg says late in the segment:

“The leaking was really, really bad. And the problem is that everyone thinks that all leaks are the same, what they did by leaking this NSA transcript stuff is like orders of magnitude different than your normal leaking. People should go to jail for years for what they did…”

One wonders if President Trump can really carve a win out of this mess.

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