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Even Liberal HuffPo Thinks Biden Too “Creepy” for 2020 Campaign

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The democrats have found themselves in yet another quagmire this month, as a number of perverse allegations rock the left side of American politics.

To be fair, the democrats have been doomed since long before a number of their mainstays found themselves in the hot seat during America’s current sexual predation awakening.  The election of 2016 was an absolute catastrophe for the party, and the ensuing disclosure of a number of Hillary-centric schemes and scams that riddled the DNC has made the democratic organization the laughing stock of global politicking.

Now, as liberal democrats such as Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken find themselves embroiled in salacious scandals in which they victimized women sexually using their star power, the left is somehow still considering Joe Biden for a 2020 presidential run.  For those of you not in the know, Joe Biden has a long history of inappropriate contact with women, some of which has been documented on camera.

Based on Biden’s handling of the Anita Hill incident of 1991, The Huffington Post is ready to scrap the idea of President Joe before the left even prints the first campaign poster.

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“’I’ve seen movements come and go. And some are quite powerful. I’ve not seen something like this. And I’m hoping that [it will] bring lasting change,’ Hill told CNN last week on the progress that has been made since her testimony.

“Hill has previously said she doesn’t believe her allegations against Thomas received the consideration they deserved. There were other women who were ready to support her allegations, but they were never allowed to testify before the Judiciary Committee.

“The man who could have changed that was Biden, who served as chair of the committee in 1991. In the years since, he has publicly presented himself as Hill’s ally, but she made clear in an interview with HuffPost in 2014 that she believes the senator let her down.

“’There were three women who were ready and waiting and subpoenaed to be giving testimony about similar behavior that they had experienced or witnessed. He failed to call them,’ Hill said. “’There also were experts who could have given real information as opposed to the misinformation that the Senate was giving … and helped the public understand sexual harassment. He failed to call them.’

“Biden told The New York Times two days before Hill was set to testify that he began by assuming that Thomas was innocent ― and, as it follows, by assuming that Hill was lying.”

Much like Hillary in 2016, Biden simply has far too many skeletons in his closet for a serious attempt at the presidency, no matter what democratic “cool points” he gets for being Barack Obama’s right hand man.




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