Even CNN Won’t Defend Fumbling FBI Failure Peter Strzok Today

Today, we as Americans learned a whole lot more about the FBI than maybe we ever wanted to truly know.

Don’t get me wrong; it is extremely important for our nation to dive headfirst into these sorts of unpleasant issues, seeking the ultimate truth.  In the case of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any facet of our federal government for that matter, we almost expect to come away with a little less innocence, and a newfound respect for the dirty work that these often heroic agents grapple with on a daily basis.

At least, that’s the story they want us to believe.

Now, thanks to the testimony of a “smug” and “defiant” FBI goon named Peter Strzok, we are witnessing some of the nastier, deeper crevices within the organization, and Americans are rightfully furious about it.  After all, these are the public servants that we give carte blanche to do what is necessary in those instances where none of us have the stomachs for it.  We don’t want to witness these visceral inner workings, but here we are, glued to the television to watch Strzok squirm, deflect, and make that horribly smarmy face that he can’t seem to help himself from making.

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Peter Strzok is, in many ways, the Martin Shkrelli of the intelligence community:  Defiant to the bitter end, not willing to admit that his plane is falling out of the sky until he turns into a progressive pancake somewhere near sea level.

Also, they both have that face.  That punchable, flippant smirk that Americans equate with conmen.  These boys are doing nothing to assuage that stereotype either.

How bad have things truly gotten for Strzok’s case?  So bad that CNN won’t defend him, even with one of their most senior spinsters behind the mic.

Thursday on CNN’s “Wolf,” host Wolf Blitzer reacted to House lawmakers questioning of Peter Strzok the FBI agent removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference.

Blitzer said, “The texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, they are so damning.”

Hate to admit it, Wolf, but the American people seem to have your back on this one.


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