Even CNN Forced to Admit Tax Reform Bill a Triumph for Trump

The heretical “resistance” to President Donald Trump has been forced to take a backseat today after Congress sent one heck of a tax reform bill to the desk in the Oval Office for an autograph.

Certainly, not everything has come to fruition as smoothly for the beleaguered Trump administration, thanks in large part to the asinine idea that Americans should be wholly opposed to every move made by the Commander in Chief and his inner circle.  The President’s previous attempts to both repeal Obamacare and install a temporary travel ban against terror-sponsoring nations have been largely meddled with by radical leftists and their appointed stewards within the government.  Regardless of their constituents’ desire for such things, these Deep State shills and their liberal counterparts have sided with their special-interest charlatans in resisting the President’s agenda.

Now that Trump has a massive bit of tax reform to hang his hat on, even ultraliberal CNN’s fake news anchors are being forced to admit that the President is winning.

“CNN host John King noted Wednesday that the Republican tax bill is giving ‘damn good money’ to working families living paycheck to paycheck.

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“’The Republicans are making a big bet, taking a big risk. Will over time the American people say “oh, I like having more money in my pocket.” That’s their big bet,’ King said.

“’Not one Democrat has voted for a bill that cuts taxes by $1.5 trillion. To Abby’s point, if you’re a working class family, some people say oh, it’s only $200, $300 — if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, that’s damn good money and you are grateful for it.’”

This is something that the leftist media just can’t understand:  It was America’s working class that elected this populist President, and it will be America’s working class who decides the economic fate of the nation.  If the dollar is weak, or the economy falters, it’s not because of liberal fat cats such as Hillary Clinton or Harvey Weinstein’s financial successes; it will be because of hard working Americans living within their means being able to set aside a few extra dollars here and there.

For now, the President will be able to relish in his success and possibly even enjoy the upcoming holidays.  Then, come January, it will be time to get back to work because America isn’t going to make itself great again all by itself.

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