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Even CNN Can’t Defend Hillary Clinton’s Latest Bout of Selective Outrage

From the moment that the 2016 election was over, Americans have been hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton would fade away to her upstate NY mansion.

Of course, her brief respite from public life was short-lived.  The opinionated and self-serving Clinton obviously would not be able to disappear from the public eye completely, and mere weeks after getting sent home by Donald Trump she was back on camera, pleading her case to lead the so-called “resistance” of the radical left.

Unfortunately for the former Secretary of State, the damage that she had done to the democratic party during her failed Presidential bid created a chasm that she will likely never traverse again.  The left and the democrats have all but abandoned her.  In a last ditch effort, Clinton released a book entitled What Happened, meant to be a retelling of her electoral evisceration that laid the blame for Trump’s victory at a number of feet, not the least of which were Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders; prominent democrats that Clinton had no problem lambasting from cover to cover.

Still, Clinton refused to go quietly into the night, continuing to ram her own, unwarranted ideas down the throats of Americans everywhere.  That is, until now.

In the wake of Hollywood’s current Harvey Weinstein scandal, Clinton has gone mute, likely due to her close relationship to Weinstein as a democratic donor and the parallels in behavior between Harvey and her husband Bill.

And you know things are bad when even CNN attacks the Clintons.

“With the former Democratic presidential candidate declaring herself a champion of women’s rights, many have wondered when, and if, she would speak out about the allegations.

“It didn’t happen during the 90 minutes of remarks she made at UC Davis on Monday night. As CNN’s Burnett noted, Clinton never addressed Weinstein.

“Burnett’s tweet read: ‘HRC spoke for 90 mins last nite, didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein. She won’t give women a “pass” for not voting for her, but she gave him one.’ 

“A CNN article attached to Darcy’s tweet is titled ‘As Democrats denounce Weinstein, Clintons and Obama stay mum,’ and includes a picture of Clinton and Weinstein looking very comfortable in each other’s presence.

“Michelle Obama praised Weinstein in 2013, with the former first lady saying he is a ‘wonderful human being.’”

The failure of these democratic deities to denounce the appalling accused behavior of Weinstein has once again reiterated the left’s favoring of cash over character, and their incessant need to keep Hollywood on their side through thick and thin.

These are the same democrats who were foaming at the mouth at every single assertion of Donald Trump’s alleged sexism as well, attempting in vain to impugn the soon-to-be President’s person over locker room talk with noted sleaze ball Billy Bush.


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