Even Clinton’s VP thinks her “Basket of Deplorables” Comment was Terrible

You know that your candidate is in trouble when even their handpicked #2 is lambasting their comments. If Hillary Clinton can’t even keep Tim Kaine on her side, what hope does she have of keeping the average American voters on her team?

In an interview on Sunday’s episode of ABC’s This Week, host Martha Raddatz spoke to Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine about Hillary Clinton’s recent faux pas of calling “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters an “irredeemable” “basket of deplorables.” Needless to say, Kaine was not a fan of Hillary’s comments, and while he did his best to smooth her words over for ABC’s viewers, you can’t help but come away thinking that even Tim Kaine can’t believe Clinton said what she did.

Here’s what he said:

Martha Raddatz: You’ve explained Secretary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comments by saying some Trump supporters are motivated by “dark emotions borne out of anxiety over changing demographics.” But you said that transitional anxiety will go away. While Secretary Clinton said those people are irredeemable.

Does she believe there are people in this country who are irredeemable?

Tim Kaine: Well, look, she is very worried, as am I, about the deplorable motivations of those who would question President Obama’s citizenship or people like David Duke, who are doing robo-calls, saying people should vote for Donald Trump.

We’ve expressed it differently, but you have to call out these dark emotions because if you let them pass or you — you actually can let them grow.

But I think the obligation that we have — and — and Secretary Clinton — Hillary said this, too — is while that is a motivation of some of the Trump supporters — and we won’t get them — I do have confidence over time that that kind of motivation is reducing.

There are other Trump voters who are really concerned about economic anxieties, not demographic issues, but economic anxieties. And we have an obligation to speak to them and to make the case that — that our economic plan, which Moody’s says will grow the economy by 10 and a half million jobs, is better for them than a Trump plan, which Moody’s says will shrink the economy by three and a half million jobs and put us into a recession.

Martha Raddatz: So — so is it appropriate to use the word ‘irredeemable?’

Tim Kaine: I — you know, I — I — that’s not a word I would use. I wouldn’t use it. I think that — I think we would be unrealistic to think that some people are going to fundamentally change their view. If they’ve — if they’ve clung to the view for five years, as Donald Trump has, that President Obama is not a citizen of this country, I don’t think they’re going to change their views.

Wow. That’s some insane rhetorical gymnastics there, Mr. Kaine. Maybe it would have just been easier to say… “What Hillary Clinton said was ridiculous, wrong, and I would never have uttered those words.” I guess honesty and integrity from the Clinton campaign is just too much to ask for, so we’ll have to settle for this stumbling, mumbling, half-hearted defense from Kaine.

You can see the full interview below:

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