Is Revival Coming to America?

We always wonder with our culture getting as bad as it is when will revival take place.  Revival doesn’t always start in the places we expect and desire it to.

I came across an inspiring news article coming out of a Durham North Carolina prison where many are being baptized and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

Coming up from the water in his red Durham County Detention jumpsuit, a smile fell across the face of an inmate just baptized. Shouts of praise by a group of chaplains and applause from nearby detention staff briefly drowned out the sound of worship music playing through a speaker.

As the inmate wiped water from his head and climbs out of the above ground swimming pool brought in just for this moment, Sheriff Mike Andrews was there to greet him with a handshake and a small Bible.

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It’s a scene never played out before at the Durham County jail, but on Sunday, Andrews arranged for 39 inmates, who asked to be baptized by immersion, to do so.

The ceremony was months in the making following one inmate’s request.

The spirit of the Lord and Revival is alive and well and moving in the hearts of fallen men who were found at their lowest point in prison.

Many of us in evangelical circles hope to see revival moving through influential people like presidents, Senators and Supreme Court justices in hopes that they will make huge changes in America. God chooses the least amongst us. He uses and changes the people who most people never think twice of. He uses convicts.  He reaches the lost in prison. In our selfish culture we don’t think twice when he hear of convicts receiving Christ in prison. God gives grace to the humble and perhaps our entire country including the church itself, needs humility before we start seeing revival.

Where does Revival need to start?

1) REVIVAL– the most important but oft overlooked option. I’m talking revival in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, in our states, and on to the national level. If we as a Christian people do not become revived with a renewed fire and passion for the truth of Gods word and application of it in our lives and ALL areas (including politics) the remaining options will only serve to be band-aids.

I think the past several elections have proved to me that evangelicals too many times have put their trust and hope in a president or elected official to turn things around for America. We have failed to humble ourselves and collectively seek God’s face for revival and all the answers because we don’t have the answers. 

In the past week it has become abundantly clear that the American church is in a state of panic. We are panicking about the outcome of an election that is still over four months away. We are making predictions as though we have eyes into the future. The sad part of all this is these predictions of doom and gloom are the same ones I’ve heard in the last eight years. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Oswald Chamber once wrote that fear is calculating without God. For some reason, Christians cannot imagine God intervening into the affairs of man, including our elections.

Getting back to the news article I read about Revival breaking out in this lowly prison in North Carolina.

God’s going to work revival in the way he sees fit. God may not choose to have our political system change.  God may not choose to stop the awful legislation and rulings we see from our government and courts. God’s spirit of revival is going to be found in the most unlikely places.  God’s spirit of revival is going to work within places people are not looking.  God’s spirit of revival is going to be unleashed inside the barbed wired fences of a prison.  God’s going to use the lowly among us.

It’s our job as believers to fall on our faces before a Holy God and look in our hearts, look in our own churches, look inwardly at our own homes and look for ways that God can move in our own lives and be willing and ready to be used for his glory and continue to pray for Revival.

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