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Even After Bump Stock Ban, Trump Not Finished With Gun Restrictions!

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President Donald Trump campaigned heavily on his own undying support for the American 2nd Amendment, but now, some of the President’s supporters aren’t so sure about that.

In the wake of last week’s Parkland, Florida school shooting, the predicable liberal pressure on the 2nd Amendment came in droves.  The left has always been pushy about guns in the wake of such tragedies, hoping to exploit the heightened emotions of the situation to manipulate minds.  By preying on the grief-stricken, the left is pushing their ideologies past the logical portions of the brain, which is already overwhelmed with emotion, and very truly brainwashing those most closely affected.

It’s a disgusting and putrid tactic, but one that we’ve grown used to experiencing via decades of democratic abuse.

Now, as the nation is again in mourning over the tragedy in Florida, President Trump is finding himself compelled to act as well, largely ignoring his own campaign promises to stay strong on the 2nd Amendment.

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Not only has the President directed the Attorney General to begin regulation of trigger pull efficiency in firearms, but now it looks as though Trump is considering new age requirements on the purchase of certain long guns.

“A ‘White House source’ informed Fox News that President Trump is open to raising the ‘minimum age for owning certain firearms.’

“The federal minimum age for purchasing a handgun is 21-years old while the minimum age for purchasing a long gun is 18. The ability to buy long guns at age 18 came under scrutiny after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz carried an AR-15 into a gun-free zone in Florida and opened fire on students, killing 17.

“Fox News reports that Trump is ‘open to…a rise in the minimum age for owning certain firearms’ in the wake of the Florida attack.”

This possible move has gun rights activists incensed, but may do well with the “social justice” crowd, who will see this legislative maneuver as a direct response to 19 year old Nikolas Cruz’s recent rampage.

Symbolically, the change would be heralded as a victory for the liberals, who will claim to have pressured the President to “cave”, which, for all we know, may be true.  The reality is, however, that the mentally disturbed among us will still have ways in which to murder their fellow man.  Nikolas Cruz did not walk into his former high school to kill simply because he had a gun and the means to do so.  Nikolas Cruz was there  to kill, plain and simple.

Without a rifle, there is no evidence to suggest that Cruz would have abstained from attacking his classmates one way or another, and that is something that the left is simply unwilling to recognize.  C

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