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Even After Concocted Conspiracy, Melania’s Approval SOARS

We’ve been exploring the all too prevalent Trump Derangement Syndrome this week, with a number of prominent progressives having gone fully off the deep end only 6 months into 2018 so far.

While there was never any doubt that the liberal left was going to dabble in lunacy after the election of Donald Trump, we will admit that the sheer distance from which the left has placed themselves from reality is shocking to say the least.  The death threats, mock beheadings, and fantasies of assassination have been near-constant during the Trump Era, and they have undoubtedly led to serious, real-world action.

For instance, how could we forget that Kathy Griffin’s inexcusable photoshoot occurred merely days before a radical leftist attempted to murder the entire GOP charity baseball team?  Griffin’s horrific imagery was less of a dog whistle to the violent left and more of a freight train horn.

The bizarre behavior has continued well into the year 2018, with the left branching out in their attacks against the President, targeting any and all who are involved in the administration.  Even First Lady Melania Trump has been in the crosshairs of the uncouth cowards, with a number of preposterous progressive conspiracies floating around the media in the wake of her recent surgery.  Some outlets even floated the possibility that President Trump had been violent toward the mother of his youngest son, drawing harsh rebuke from We The People.

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Despite all of this ridiculous rhetoric, Melania Trump continues to dazzle, and a new poll shows that the American people are certainly taking notice.

First lady Melania Trump boasts a pretty good approval rating according to a new poll released this week by YouGov.

Fifty percent of U.S. adults approve of the job she’s doing—28 percent strongly approve and 22 percent somewhat approve—the survey found. Twenty-six percent disapproved—to some degree—of the first lady’s job performance. Twenty-six percent responded that they were not sure. Outside of job performance, nearly half the country—49 percent—viewed the first lady favorably, according to the YouGov survey.

This news comes just days after another poll shows that President Trump’s approval is actually higher than former President Barack Obama’s was during the same time frame.

Many are attributing this newfound popularity of Trump and his administration to the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula…something that the Commander in Chief has been intimately involved in over the course of his still-young presidency.  Others, however, have seen the writing on the wall for some time, as the nation and the world around it experience a 21st century return to conservatism in a big way.

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