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EU’s Misguided Muslim Migration Mess May Soon Be Militarily Enforced?

The European Union has long been in the grips of one of the most misunderstood mass migrations in modern history, as thousands upon thousands of barely-known refugees flood the continent.

These huddled masses are arriving directly from the middle east under the guise of fleeing the Syrian civil war, with the European Union’s leadership wholeheartedly pushing their member nations to receive as many of the migrants as possible, as quickly as possible.  Predictably, this has gone horribly awry.

In an effort to meet the outrageous migrant quotas of the EU, a great many European nations have been forced to abbreviate their refuse intake processes, lest they face massive and uncouth fines from the globalist organization.  This has, of course, led to the creation of an incredibly simple route for radical Islamic terrorists to enter Europe disguised as Syrian asylum seekers – a reality that has contributed to an increasing number of deadly terror attacks on the continent.

Now, with countries such as Poland and Hungary leading the way, a number of EU member nations are scaling back or attempting to cull the mass migration altogether, leading the European Union to take drastic measures.

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“European globalists are preparing to ‘force’ Central European nations to accept mandated migrant quotas and open borders, according to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

“Following a meeting with fellow Fidesz party officials, PM Orban posted a short video on Facebook summarizing the threat leveled by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at Hungary and allied governments, vowing to stand firm in defense of European civilization and Christian identity.

“‘The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian prime minister, that they will – if necessary with force – obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants,’ Orban said. ‘According to their plan, this will happen in June at the summit of the prime ministers in Brussels.’

“‘Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe.'”

This move would signal an intensifying of the European Union’s horrific globalist ideals, in which sovereignty on the continent would become a thing of the past.

Given the various successes of populist Donald Trump in the United States, men such as Orban have possibly found themselves in a renewed state of defiant patriotism against their global overlords within the EU.  Furthermore, Germany’s heavy hand in EU leadership has Europeans quietly contemplating another historical period in which they were succumbing to the will of Deutschland, and the feeling is certainly not an easy one to overcome.

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