Europe’s Terror Surge Headed to USA Says NYPD Head Honcho

Thanks to the careless open border policies of Europe in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, nations such as England, France, and Germany have been under siege in recent months.

ISIS and other radical Islamic offshoots have steadily been infiltrating the European continent, with their lone wolf operatives posing as asylum seekers from the Middle East.  As European nations attempted to cope with this massive influx of migrants, the European Union leadership has consistently pushed for quicker assimilation and lower standards of vetting for these refugees, making it far too simple for jihadists to move about the continent.

Now, as England is still recovering from two deadly terror attacks in as many weeks, authorities in the United States are growing concerned that we could be facing a similar threat as well, particularly due to leftist judges declining to honor President Trump’s executive order on travel to and from terror-rich countries.

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One such concerned figure happens to be the commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and his warning to America is chilling.

“Recent acts of terror in Europe are the ‘new normal’ — and surely coming soon to the United States, former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton ominously warned Sunday.

“Evildoers have stepped up attacks on soft targets — such as London Bridge, Manchester Arena and Bastille Day in Nice — in the past 12 months, making a similar terrorist strike on American soil inevitable, Bratton told ‘The Cats Roundtable.’

“'(European-style terror attacks are) going to be the new normal in our world,’ Bratton told interviewer John Catsimatidis on AM 970. ‘The pace of terrorist attacks, certainly in Europe, has been increasing.’ Bratton warned: ‘That type of attack is quite likely to occur in the United States at some point in time.’

“Even as US-backed forces close in on ISIS in Raqqa, Syria, the terror group will only spread from a setback in a conventional war, according to Bratton — analogizing it to a particularly gross medical procedure.”

While liberals in the United States have blindly turned to former President Barack Obama’s strange capitulation of terrorists in recent months, either pretending that radical Islam doesn’t exist at all or assuming that Obama’s assertion that ISIS is “on the run” is somehow true.

Their ignorance of the facts have put our nation at great risk, as the “resistance” movement spawned by the left against President Trump has permeated nearly all levels of citizenry and government.  As the new President worked to keep his campaign promise of keeping migrants from terror-heavy nations from assimilating into America without an “extreme vetting” process in place, these liberals blockaded not one, but two executive orders on the subject, risking further American casualties in the war on terror all to appease a former Commander in Chief’s erroneous thinking.


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