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Europe’s Terror Problem Continues to Rise as France Suffers Again

The European Union has imperiled the lives of their constituents time and time again with their horrifically relaxed border policies and misguided views on radical Islam.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been pushing this bizarrely open border theory for years, ramping up the intake of migrants in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis to obscene levels.  The EU’s mandate on member nations for relocating migrants is so strict that many nations have been forced to rework their entire immigration process to avoid the harsh penalties outlined by the organization.  This, in turn, has led to radical Islamic jihadists easily disguising themselves as refugees in order to infiltrate the entire European continent.

Even as nations such as Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary continue to fight against the EU mandate, terror has been creeping across Europe.  Just this weekend, another attack in France was preceded by shouts of “Allahu Akbar”.

“A man armed with a knife killed two people at the main train station in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille on Sunday before being shot dead by soldiers patrolling there.

“’Two victims have been stabbed to death,’ the regional police chief, Olivier de Mazieres, told AFP.

“The local prosecutor, Xavier Tarabeux, said the knifeman had been shot by soldiers, while Marseille police urged people in the city to avoid the area around Saint-Charles station.

“The assailant is believed to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ [God is greatest] before assaulting passersby, a source close to the investigation told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“The soldiers who opened fire were from Operation Sentinelle, the military operation in which combat troops patrol streets and protect key sites – from synagogues to art galleries, nursery schools to mosques and Métro stations. The operation is the army’s first wide-scale peacetime military operation on mainland France.”

Not only is Europe falling into the grips of a serious terror epidemic, but the inclusion of forces such as Operation Sentinelle have many Frenchmen concerned about the possible onset of martial law should this onslaught continue.

The only true way to lessen the ability of these horrific terrorists is to secure the borders of Europe and return to an acceptable level vetting for immigrants.  The harder the EU pushes for a speedy intake of middle eastern migrants, the more likely they are to inadvertently invite radical Islamist terrorists into their home.

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