European “Resistance” Protesters Embarrass Themselves with NATO No-Shows

By the amount of coverage you’ll find in the mainstream media depicting the liberal left as some sort of heroic rebellion against Donald Trump, you would think that everybody and their brother was part of some well-organized militia.

Instead, we really just a bunch of baristas who took a little too much cough medicine one night going down a YouTube rabbit hole after watching Rage Against the Machine music videos, and woke up feeling like they ought to do something.  The feeling often persists for a few weeks before it clears up, but in that small amount of time, these “resistance” rapscallions sure can get into a lot of trouble.

The “resistance” undoubtedly leads to radicalization; there is no other end to their means, obviously, and this leads us down a path that none of us wished to venture upon.

For the time being, however, at least in Europe, the “resistance” to American populism seems to be simply crumbling.

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A demonstration against President Donald Trump’s visit to Brussels failed to muster up more than a few dozen protesters Wednesday.

“Make Peace Great Again,” the group behind the protest, anticipated thousands to march against President Trump, who is in town for a high-stakes NATO summit.

In a brief interview with Euro News correspondent Damon Embling, an organizer could barely contain her embarrassment over the failed demonstration.

“You were expecting a few hundred, if not a few thousand people here tonight — just a few dozen have turned out. What went wrong?” Embling asked.

“Ummm — I think it’s — what went wrong is not the good question to ask,” the organizer replied.

And the imbecility continued.

“I think it’s interesting — you know — the fact that we are several hundred meters away from where the evening gala is happening — Brussels is in lockdown. The city — the NATO headquarters itself is shut down.

“It’s very, very difficult for the peace movement to make its voice heard,” she complained.

We are seeing this all over America; an awakening of sorts in which We The People have a renewed faith in our nation’s desire to innovate and accelerate.  Trump has, in unfortunate verbiage, given us our swagger back.  This is the reason for the deflating sails seen the world over in these resistance cliques.

And no one with half a brain is complaining.


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