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European Data Suggests Radical Left 27 Times More Likely To…

Political violence has been on the rise in 2017, with a multitude of domestic terrorists taking to cities of the world to promote anarchy and dissonance among the populaces.

In the United States, we have been witness to a disturbing and dastardly new trend in which the political left have radicalized, forming what has become known as the New Fascist movement.  These liberal extremists have been working hand in hand with the so-called “resistance” movement, aiming to oppose and defame President Donald Trump at every possible juncture.

The hatred that has been on display from these groups has been abhorrent:  Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-style beheading propaganda of a photorealistic Donald Trump.  Snoop Dogg’s blatant assassination of the President in a music video.  Moby’s animated Trump-transformer that morphs into a swastika before being annihilated in the climax of the musical film.  All of these heinous representations in the mainstream media of Donald Trump’s death have inspired throngs of left-leaning lunatics to commit atrocious acts of aggression against the President and the republican party in recent weeks, culminating with the attempted assassination of several GOP congressman by radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson in Virginia.

While these concerns are a relatively new piece of behavior for the normally-neutered American political left, Europe has been studying terror attacks and their political motivations for some time.  What they have discovered regarding the right/left paradigm in political terrorism is astounding.

“A new report by Europol has revealed that leftists carried out 27 times more terror attacks than right-wingers in 2016, once again debunking claims that the right represents a bigger extremist threat.

“142 failed, foiled and completed terrorist attacks occurred in Europe throughout last year, with 27 being blamed on left-wingers. Just one right-wing terror attack was recorded for the entire year. 13 attacks were blamed on Islamic jihadists, while the majority of attacks (99) were labeled “separatist” attacks.

“Attacks which led to deaths of victims are almost exclusively Islamic, with 135 of the 142 deaths and 374 of the 379 injured due to jihadist terror.

“The statistics once again debunk the notion, which has received traction yet again after this week’s attack on Muslim worshippers near a mosque in London, that right-wing terror represents a major threat.”

Again, the larger issue at hand is the ease at which these leftist agitators can become radicalized.

This is due, at least in part, to the left’s continued use of propaganda aimed at the meek-minded and malleable millennials who they must exploit to stand any chance at being elected.  By tapping into the “social justice” chic of younger Americans, and using political correctness as a weapon in this fight, the democrats have created a hate-fueled cacophony of shrill and angry voices, crying out for manufactured success.  The left doesn’t wish to earn their place at the table, rather, they are conditioned to shame the rest of America into handing it to them.

And, much like the bratty toddler at the dinner table, when they don’t get their way, they turn angry, pouty, and sometimes violent.

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