Europe Suspecting A Coverup in Case of Nuclear Cloud Over Continent

Europe has had one heck of 2017, with nations planning to leave the EU, terrorism on a meteoric rise, and now a mystery cloud of radioactive particles floating above the continent.

The bizarre nuclear fog has been wafting about Europe since late September, without so much as a peep from whatever government or military entity may be responsible for its presence.  This has been baffling scientists, who have been working around the clock to understand exactly where this mass of isotopes has originated from.

Nuclear scientists have been forced to turn to meteorological data in order to attempt to unravel the mystery, as nuclear pollution on this scale isn’t something that any particular nation would care to own up to.  By examining the weather, these top minds of Europe have begun to pinpoint a possible location of origin for the radioactivity, but their findings have provided more questions than answers.

“Official monitors in France and Germany concluded that, based on weather patterns, the contamination detected since late September had emanated from southern Russia or from Kazakhstan.

“’The most plausible zone of release lies between the Volga and the Urals,’ the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety said on Nov. 9. Jean-Marc Peres, the institute’s director, told Reuters that the geographic area could indicate a spillage in Russia or in Kazakhstan.

“On Oct. 8, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection said, ‘Russia must be assumed to be the region of origin of radioactive release’ — a suggestion that was denied by Rosatom, the state company that runs Russia’s nuclear industry.

“Nonetheless, the presence of the little-known substance raised unease that a threat to European health might be building — hardly surprising in light of the West’s broad palette of other worries about Russia’s intentions, including the crisis in Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014, and the Kremlin’s activities in cyberspace.”

Russia has seemingly been a boogeyman for much of the world in recent months, as American liberals raise the thoroughly debunked specter of Kremlin collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been a consistently shady individual in world affairs, leading many to believe that the Russian government may very well be working on a classified military project that has caused the yet to be determined leak of dangerous particles.

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