EU Migrant Crisis Necessitates “Safe Zones” For Berlin’s NYE Party

While the globalists of the world continues to downplay the severity of the EU migrant crisis, police in Berlin are being tasked with peculiar new problems for ringing in 2018.

Over the course of the last few years, Syrian refugees have been pouring into Europe from the middle east after a civil war began ravaging their country.  Ever the bleeding heart liberals, (and globalists to boot), the European Union was quick to take advantage of this crisis to push their one-world-government ideals, mandating that member nations take in an exorbitant amount of displaced migrants or face financial penalties.

To make matters worse, the numbers being mandated by the EU were so ridiculous that member nations have been largely forced to abandon the stringent vetting processes of yesteryear in order to avoid the fiscal repercussions.

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ISIS and other ne’er do wells have recognized this fallibility, and are now openly exploiting Europe’s lax borders in order to move their operatives freely about the continent.

Things have become so difficult to manage, given the massive cultural dissonance caused by this influx of Sharia-abiding, women-mistreating immigrants that German police have been forced to do the unthinkable.

“Berlin’s New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate will feature a ‘safe zone’ for women to protect them from rape and sexual assaults by gangs of migrant men.

“Women who feel ‘harassed’ will be able to seek help from a special ‘safety zone’ located on Ebertstrasse which will be staffed by the German Red Cross.

“While organizers will obviously never acknowledge it, the ‘safe zone’ is blatantly designed to protect women from sexual assaults by predominantly Muslim migrant men.

“Even the far-left BBC admits that the safe zone is a response to events two years ago in Cologne, which have since been repeated in other cities, when ‘Hundreds of women reported being attacked by gangs of men with migrant backgrounds.’

“Shocking footage that later emerged from the night shows women screaming as they are assaulted, with police totally overwhelmed and unable to properly respond.”

Of course, the mainstream media is refusing to acknowledge this horrendous trend, as it flies in the face of their globalist vision for the planet.

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