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EU Border Shenanigans Allow For YET ANOTHER Radical Islamic Attack

It is unknown if the European Union will ever come to grips with the true impetus of their current radical Islamic terror problem.

The sovereignty-smashing globalism syndicate has long held sway over supposedly free nations throughout Europe, dictating just how and when these countries will fit into the continent’s patchwork of economy and society.

Their totalitarian antics aren’t completely without recourse, however, as Britain recently voted to disembark from the doomed experiment in an historic vote for “Brexit”.

A handful of other nations have joined Britain in bucking the European Union as well, but not quite to the extent of ending their participation.  Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have all issued complaints about the way in which the EU is handling the influx of middle eastern refugees to Europe, due to mandated quotas for the relocation of migrants being so extraordinary that much of Europe has been forced to suspend their usual immigration vetting in order to avoid the hefty EU-sanctioned fines.

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It is this bizarre and unethical policy that has allowed radical Islamic terror groups from the middle east to slip their operatives into the growing crowds of asylum seekers headed for Europe, where they will eventually lash out in jihad.

Today, in France, yet another horrific attack was accompanied by cries of “Allahu Akbar”.

“The enraged man, 42, began beating shoppers in the French city at around 4pm before police who were only metres away swooped in.

“The assailant kicked and punched the officers before they managed to contain and arrest him.

“He continued to shout Allahu Akbar – Arabic for God is Great – as he was wrestled to the ground before bursting into tears.

“Footage shows the man being handcuffed and lifted on to a stretcher before being taken hospital.

“One witness said: ‘We were chatting and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We just ran.'”

In total, seven people were affected including the three police officers who heroically subdued the man.

This incident is just the very latest in an incredible string of attacks throughout Europe, with focuses on Germany, England, and France.  The border policies that have allowed terror to reign supreme in the region have been protested in a myriad of ways by the European community, with the latest outburst coming at the expense of German Chancellor Angela Merkel; a large proponent of the system.

Merkel was pelted with tomatoes during a campaign stop last week by anti-terrorism protesters.


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