Establishment Supports Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Hypocrites! [VIDEO]

Despite accusing the Russians of aggression for killing terrorists, the establishment supports Saudi Arabia from condemnation for war crimes.

While they accuse Russia and Syria of bombing Al Qaeda terrorists, the establishment supports Saudi Arabia and their campaign against Yemen.

Jason Ditz at Antiwar.Com writes,

That latest behind-the-scenes negotiations at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva have ended, as with last year, declining to launch an independent investigation into Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen, leading to a series of very public condemnations from human rights groups.

Salma Amer, of the Cairo Institute, termed the latest deal as having put “Saudi Arabia’s desire for impunity above the need to protect the people of Yemen,” while others accused the council itself of abusing their positions to deflect accountability.

Last year’s debates of the matter ended with the agreement that the Saudi government and its allies could investigate themselves, which naturally just amounted to a solid year of rubber stamping continued war crimes. The new text, dubbed a “compromise,” will allow a handful of UN investigators to observe the internal investigation, so they can keep track of how it’s going nowhere in real time.

Why should a regime that openly threatens the economy of the United States for passing legislation that exposes them to accountability for their role in the 9/11 terrorist attack get backing from the establishment for possible war crimes? The fact that the establishment supports Saudi Arabia and their campaign against Yemen while attacking Syria and Russia involves gargantuan hypocrisy.

But it is consistent. In both cases the establishment is siding with Sunni Islamists against everyone else.

Keep this in mind when some progressive moron attacks Donald Trump for “supporting” Vladimir Putin.

By the way, the U.S. isn’t simply covering for Saudi war crimes. Our armed forces are actively participating in them. Listen to Rand Paul try to bring some moral and constitutional sanity to the situation:

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