ESPN Leads Charge to Ban Singer from NHL All Star Performance

Make no qualms about it; ESPN is no longer merely a sports-reporting outfit, and are actively engaging themselves with the “resistance” against American conservatism.

For years, the “worldwide leader in sports” has been anything but, as the entire Disney-owned network begins to more closely resemble a hornet’s nest of liberal ideologies than a piece of American entertainment.  What began with their firing of baseball legend Curt Schilling for his personal views on the trans-trender movement has now culminated into an all out blitzkrieg of leftist anger and vitriol aimed outward at every red blooded American within earshot.

The latest bit of disturbing drivel being disseminated by the once-venerable cable channel is aimed directly at the NHL, and their choice of entertainment for their annual All Star Game.

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“ESPN has begun a subtle, yet obvious campaign to get rock singer and well-known conservative Kid Rock, fired as the National Hockey League’s All-Star Game performer.

“In a January 19 article, ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski noted that the NHL is ‘aware of the backlash’ over the announcement of Kid Rock as the All-Star Game entertainment. Though, the NHL says that the choice of Kid Rock was ‘purely based’ on his entertainment value and has nothing whatever to do with his politics.

“’Most of the time, our acts are passionate hockey fans,’ said Steve Mayer, NHL executive vice president and executive producer for programming and creative development. ‘It’s all about the entertainment at the end of the day for us, and this selection was purely based on that, and the fact that Kid Rock is a hockey lover. That’s simply the background here.’

“Despite those comments, ESPN characterizes the addition of the singer as having ‘created controversy in the hockey world’ and being ‘widely criticized on social media.’

“Of course, a careful review of much of that criticism proves that the complaints came mostly from liberal members of the sports media and not rank and file NHL fans. Indeed, an article by The Comeback’s Andrew Bucholtz revealed a whole list of of sports media members tweeting their distaste over Kid Rock.”

ESPN’s metamorphosis from cable sports network to liberal propagandist is now nearly complete, as they continue to employ the democratic tactic of “divide and conquer” throughout their manufacturing of controversy.

By telling NHL fans that they cannot both love America and listen to Kid Rock, ESPN has bestowed upon themselves a bizarre cultural crown with which they hope to intimidate their peasant-like viewers into subservience.  Their warping of reality is distasteful at best, disrespectful at worst, and NHL fans won’t likely forget the insinuations made by the failing network.

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