Did ESPN Fire ANOTHER On-Air Personality for Being Conservative?

Washington Redskins Training Camp August 4, 2011

The liberal bias of the mainstream media is not intrinsic to merely the 24 hour news stations, as ESPN reporters are quickly discovering.

Just over a year ago, ESPN fired baseball legend and television personality Curt Schilling after a tweet from the pitcher’s personal Twitter account demonstrated a conservative viewpoint on the issue of transgender bathrooms.  Many within the media world were stunned, as Schilling was seen as a bit of a legend of the game, not to mention the fact that ESPN isn’t a traditional news network in the sense of partisan politics.  It’s just strikes, balls, outs, and innings.  Nonetheless, Schilling was canned and embarrassed by the network, and having outed themselves as a political entity, ESPN began facing backlash from America’s burgeoning conservative movement.

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Now, another ESPN reporter has been told to pack her things, and she has reason to believe that her firing could have something to do with her conservative beliefs as well.

“Amid a growing realization by many that the sports network ESPN is a decidedly left-leaning operation, fired sports reporter Britt McHenry just threw gasoline on that fire.

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“In responding to a tweet Monday from Clay Travis of ‘Outkick the Coverage’ about the network’s liberal leaning, McHenry said: ‘I mean I’ve been openly Conservative… look how that ended up…’

“The unemployed sports reporter would soon delete the tweet — perhaps wanting to avoid scaring off a future employer — but a screen grab can be seen below, courtesy of”

McHenry, who has posted photos of herself with Republican Speaker Paul Ryan on her social media accounts, was told that her termination was largely due to the financial woes of the struggling network, but that has not deterred her from commenting on her experience as a conservative at ESPN.

Makes no mistake, there is a partisan propaganda war raging just below the surface of the Main Stream.  With the advent of “fake news” such as CNN, and the left-leaning revelations at stations such as ESPN, there is hardly room for Hollywood’s uncanny liberal slant.  The sheer volume of leftist vitriol would make Joseph Goebbels himself blush, as the liberal media entices madmen such as James T. Hodgkinson to usher in his literal New Civil War.



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