ESPN Executives Accused of Sexual Improprieties By Former Employee

There is a pattern of liberal lewdness coming to light in the media in 2017, and ESPN is the latest left-leaning network to come under fire.

Just over a year ago, the “sports” network began working to establish themselves as a leading voice in progressive politics when they fired baseball legend and MLB commentator Curt Schilling over statements made on his personal Twitter account regarding the absurd idea of genderless restrooms – something that then-President Barack Obama was forcing public schools to endure.

Shortly after Schilling’s dismissal, the network went full bore into the land of liberal lunacy by interjecting politics wholeheartedly into their coverage of sports.  This was only exacerbated by the confounding popularity of Colin Kaepernick’s anti-police protests during the National Anthem; an purposefully incendiary act of disrespect that was designed to boost Kaepernick’s popularity among left-leaning football fans as his physical abilities faded.  ESPN took the bait hook, line, and sinker, and began their partisan bickering in earnest shortly following the controversy.

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Now, new revelations regarding the network’s hiring practices and executive behavior have Americans not only disgusted, but calling for heads to roll at the doomed channel’s headquarters.

Former sports reporter Jenn Sterger has come out swinging at ESPN.

She said on one occassion, when she was 23, ESPN employees told her to join the team at a club following her interview.

“[I] realized upon arrival it was not a club like I was used to but instead, a strip club,” the now-33-year-old wrote on Twitter.

“I was extremely uncomfortable by the situation and incredibly awkward as I had never stepped foot in one before,” Sterger recalled. “I had to watch as my male coworkers got lap-dances from girls while they teased me about how I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to participate.”

In another incident, Sterger detailed a horrendous abuse of power by an ESPN executive who insinuated that sleeping with him could boost her career.

“She wrote that the man, who she stated is still employed by ESPN, offered to give her a ride in his car, and reluctantly she accepted.

“‘It was a very long and uncomfortable car ride. He brought up numerous girls he said he was hooking up with that worked there at the time. And implied that he was helping their careers. I reminded him I was in a relationship with someone he knew but he persisted.’

“Sterger said she ‘cried the whole way home’ after she left the car to take a train.

“She wrote a friend later told her the man only interviewed her to show his coworkers that she was ‘just as f–k able in person as I was in pictures.’”

This disgusting and vile behavior has become a staple of the entertainment industry’s liberal legions, and is purely unacceptable.

Now that Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein has finally been accused of sexual improprieties, by no less than sixty women, it seems that a new wave of brave survivors are ready to share their stories of harassment by liberal leaders in the world of television and movies.  Sterger’s accusations belie a pattern of abhorrent behavior only seen on the left side of the media, and has reminded us all that there is much work to be done in order to teach the liberals how to treat women.

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