ESPN Defends Bizarre Robert Lee Decision, Blames “Fear of Memes and Jokes”

There have been a litany of overreactions to the issue of Confederate history in the past week, but ESPN may have just taken the cake.

After the Battle of Charlottesville, the nation was forced to, again, revisit the issue of how best to honor those who died fighting for the Confederacy during the American Civil War.  The issue has been approached nearly constantly during the 15 decades since the conclusion of the War Between The States, but democrats and northerners alike have consistently attempted to rewrite American history ignorer to cast an ugly light on the south, and by proxy, conservatives.

Now, as the college town of Charlottesville becomes a lightning rod for this debate, the left’s history revisionists have caused one of the most unbelievable decisions in the history of collegiate sports.

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For the upcoming football season at the University of Virginia, a sportscaster by the name Robert Lee was scheduled to work the booth, bringing America the play-by-play.  Unfortunately for Mr. Lee, ESPN was too afraid of memes and jokes to allow him to continue in his role, fearing that the likeness of his God-given name was too similar to Virginia native and Civil War general Robert E. Lee.




For those out there not entirely familiar with Robert E. Lee the military man, it should be noted that his first offer during the Civil War was to command the armies of the Union, not the Confederacy.  Lee was also never a slave owner, blowing the liberal argument regarding the war’s impetus and bigotry out of the water….again.

Robert E. Lee eventually landed on a job within the Confederate ranks due only to his loyalty to his home state of Virginia, ironically where sportscaster Robert Lee was scheduled to work.

This asinine reaction by ESPN proves once again that the network has succumbed to the whims of leftists social justice “warriors” who attack with the slings and arrows of their Macbook keyboards, utilizing the vile and reprehensible tactics of shame and arrogance to combat their ideological enemies.

This time, however, there was no threat to ESPN, no campaign to have Mr. Lee removed from the broadcast.  ESPN took a preemptive action in Virginia that capitulates the radical left, further emboldening their inane campaign to rewrite American history,

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