ESPN Continues Descent Into Desperation as Layoffs Loom…AGAIN

Editorial credit: Leonard Zhukovsky /

In the world of sports reporting, there is no longer any doubt that politics are bad for business, yet ESPN can’t seem to divorce themselves from the democrats.

The “worldwide leader in sports” has long been playing politics on their network, joining the massive, futile “resistance” to President Trump that has been spearheaded by a number of liberal lunatics.  Beginning with their unethical firing of baseball legend Curt Schilling over his personal political beliefs, the network has turned into a harbinger of media malfeasance to come.  Not only did ESPN give an exorbitant amount of airtime to anti-American protests by Colin Kaepernick and others, but they have been vocal opponents of just about every conservative stance in the United States over the course of the last year.

Now, as Americans continue to tune out of politically-charged sports coverage with a vengeance, ESPN is finding themselves in dire financial straits.  This is leading to yet another round of massive layoffs within the company.

“More bad news could be on the horizon for ESPN. Staffers at the Worldwide Leader in Sports are bracing for another possible round of layoffs late this year, multiple sources tell Sporting News.

“The next round of cutbacks could come down in late November or early December, with 40-60 positions potentially being impacted, according to sources. The layoffs could hit both on-air TV/radio talent and behind-the-scenes production staffers.

 “‘This time it won’t matter if you’re “liked” or not. It’s not going to be pretty,’ one source warned.”

ESPN is just one of several organizations whose turn to political nonsense has affected their viewership and profitability.

Most notably, the National Football League has been suffering immensely during the 2017 season as league owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell refuse to address the issue of their overpaid man-children kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem.  Americans as a whole have wildly disapproved of the pedantic protests, which target the American flag and anthem as a way to disparage U.S. law enforcement.

Simply put, We The People turn on the NFL or ESPN to escape the world at large through the glory of competition.  By allowing politics and protests to infiltrate our recreation, the NFL and ESPN have taken themselves out of the running for many Americans’ leisure time or disposable income.

Without a massive change in the way that ESPN handles themselves on-air, these layoffs and financial troubles will certainly continue to strike out with America.

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